Why Mosquitoes Might be Choosing You in Particular

There is a reason we have developed deep rooted disdain for mosquitoes. We are literally at war with these pesky pests for so long, a war we are already loosing. As if their unflavored buzzing and blood scavenging is not enough, they can transmit a whole range of infectious diseases like malaria and dengue.

In one of my previous posts, i had talked about ways to repel mosquitoes naturally. In today’s post, we will learn why some people attract mosquitoes like a magnet. Yes, you read it right, mosquitoes love certain people more than others. But before we mention all the traits of these people, let’s find out how mosquitoes find us in the first place.

How do mosquitoes find us?

Mosquitoes use a multitude of tools to zero on your arm. They basically use three types of senses_ vision, smell detectors called olfactory receptors, and thermal detectors. A mosquito can accurately detect the smell of carbon dioxide you exhale from a distance of 50 meters. At 10 meters it can see the you, and at a distance of up to 3 meters, it can can detect your body heat.

Why do mosquitoes choose you?

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If you are that unlucky person mosquitoes love more, it is important to know why. Here are all the reasons on why mosquitoes hunt you down in particular.

1. You are pregnant

If you are pregnant, then there would be two reasons that make you as attractive to mosquitoes as iron is to a magnet. The first reason is that the pregnant’ exhalation contains 21% more carbon dioxide CO2 than others’ who are not, particularly for those who are close to giving birth. A study conducted in 2002, published in The Lancet Journal revealed that the female specimens of mosquitoes that bite – not male specimens- take a fancy to people who exhale more carbon dioxide. The second reason is that, naturally, the pregnant’s body produces volatile odors, which in turn attracts mosquitoes.

2. You sweat more

A healthy mind in a healthy body, so its good to exercise, but don’t forget to take a shower as soon as you leave the gym and reach home. The reason you should have a shower after exercising is that sweat contains Lactic acid, which is the favorite substance for mosquitoes. Keep in mind decreasing your body temperature, because mosquitoes prefer places having a high temperature.

3. Your blood type is to blame

As you prefer specific types of foods and drinks, the mosquitoes do too. A stud conducted and published in the Journal of Medical Entomology showed that mosquitoes love O blood type. So, if your blood type is O, then you are in real trouble.

4. Your genetic formation

Some people are lucky because their genes are unique. What I mean is that your genes can decide if the mosquito will be a big fan of you or not. Some studies found that a person’s genes affect the ability of mosquitoes to be attracted or not to that person. So, those people who are lucky, their bodies produce mosquito repellents. Thus, mosquitoes keep away from them.

5. Your feet are smelly

If the mosquitoes are the single worst thing in summer, then it is not weird to know that mosquitoes, particularly females, love smelly feet. That is according to a study published in PLOS ONE Journal. So never let your feet smell bad, and never sleep before washing your feet.

6. There is alcohol in your body

As the famous saying goes, You are too drunk to notice them  at night, and they are too drunk to notice you during the day. In a 2002 study, the American Mosquito Control Association found out that if you drink a glass of alcohol, the the likelihood of a mosquito landing on you dramatically increases.

Exactly why mosquitoes appear to be more attracted to drinkers, no-one is quite sure. We do know mosquitoes home onto humans thanks to two chemicals we exhale when we breathe: carbon dioxide and octanol (Octanol, a secondary alcohol created from the breakdown of linoleic acid, is also commonly known as “mushroom alcohol” because it’s the compound that helps give mushrooms their taste).



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