Do You Attract the Wrong Partners? The Science & The Solution

Although statistics show most of us are fairly satisfied with the partners we make, a good number of people still complain that they end up attracting the wrong partners. So, is there anything different in the way these people engage in relationships? Are there any changes that you can make to the way you interact with others that can result in a better choice next time?

Recent developments in quantum physics and neuroscience have revealed a stunning relationship between matter and energy at microscopic levels. Just a couple of decades back, and no one would have believed that a person’s mere thinking can somehow interact with someone else’s actions.

In this Chlorine post, we will talk about all the scientific reasons why you may be attracting the wrong partners each time. Also, the solutions science can offer to get out of this cycle of bad choices.

Do You Know Your Code?

Quantum physics provides evidence that the world (as well as man) is made of vortexes of energy that constantly rotate and vibrate. Each of us emits our unique energy field. The field contains our individual records (including our beliefs, relationship to ourselves, to the environment) and works on the basis of a feedback loop. It sends a signal to the environment and searches for waves corresponding to its recording on the basis of “like attracts like”.

Metaphorically speaking, we are a type of transmitter and receiver that sends electromagnetic waves into the environment, similar to radio waves. In addition to lending properties, they also have magnetic properties. Therefore, we make what we believe is reflected in our reality.

What Does This Mean?

It is said that someone is attracting trouble or is “lucky.” Truth? In fact, we ‘attract’ people and events that fit our pattern. Therefore, people whose beliefs (for example) about love and relationships are burdened with bad experiences and negative beliefs resulting from them – meet “inappropriate” partners who hurt them. Their code includes the notions “I’m unlucky with women”, “every guy turns out to be a bastard”, etc.

Notice What Glasses You Wear

Neurobiologists come to similar conclusions. They found concrete evidence that our body’s cell membranes pick up direct signals from our environment, and that information is then filtered and coordinated by the brain. What is this filter? Well, these are also our experiences and beliefs!

Depending on what filters we put in place, we go through life feeling happy and fulfilled or frustrated, afraid, angry, and unsatisfied, blaming the world for it. This process influences our next life choices. So it is of fundamental importance to our fate. For as long as we do not change filters (our beliefs), we will not get the desired change.

What Does this Practically Mean?

It’s like watching the world through pink or dark glasses. Throughout the pink general world, he seems likable and friendly. You have a good attitude towards people and life, so you choose and implement positive scenarios in it.

But when you have dark glasses on your nose, the reality looks ugly and menacing, as if a storm is about to begin. This is how you feel, and as a result, you attract major and minor disasters to you.

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You Say, and You Have!

As you can see, scientists agree that we create our happiness or are responsible for the lack of it. This is very good news. The limitations and distortions in our perception of the world we are subject to exist only in our heads. If you are not successful in any field – it is worth making the effort to change your code. The conscious mind comes to our aid. The part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex is the center of our free will.

The conscious mind allows us to notice our programmed behavior, evaluate it, and, as a result, make a decision to change a belief or habit that is unfavorable for us. As a result, planning consciously gives us the opportunity to change the future that awaits us.

What Does this Practically Mean?

If using the example already mentioned, you noticed that you are attracting “inappropriate” partners to you – consider that it is the effect of coded beliefs that you have influence over. Make an effort to change your beliefs. It can be very uplifting.

Four steps to change your life for the better:

1. Make a Diagnosis

Start looking at reality as your own creation. If you are unhappy with any recurring situations, ask yourself – how do my fears, beliefs, attitudes contribute to these and not other outcomes? If it is difficult for you to make this diagnosis yourself, talk to someone who has the ability to objectively assess your actions or to a specialist – coach, therapist.

2. Start Noticing Your Thoughts and Feelings

Realize that the invisible, that is, your thoughts and feelings, are fundamental to your happiness

According to the physicist Dr. Ben Johnson, a person generates different energy frequencies through his thoughts (that is, we are talking about the code of your energy field).

Positive thoughts, i.e. those related to love, joy, or gratitude – are highly charged with life energy and have a very beneficial effect on us.

Negatives vibrate at low frequencies that lower our potential.

Ask yourself several times a day, “what am I feeling now?”, “What am I thinking now?” In this way, you will get in better contact with yourself and become able to consciously create your thoughts and feelings.

3. Raise Your Potential Consciously

Remember every day that without even saying a word, you communicate with the environment through your energy field, generating positive or negative scenarios. So use your conscious mind to draw conclusions. Change thoughts that are harmful to you into thoughts that will increase your potential through a positive message.

Also, use positive visualizations, imagining what is good for you, because they get you used to a state where you vibrate with positive energy.

4. Notice the Resulting Changes

As you increase your potential, life also begins to change. Remember that your energy field, by communicating with other molecules of a similar vibration, attracts favorable situations, etc. Notice any favorable change. It strengthens a positive attitude!

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