Best Core Workouts To Burn Side Fat Fast

Well many would say that u cant have spot reduction , its kinda true but in some cases it was found that drinking green tea or coffee before cardio helped people to lose belly fat(well scientifically speaking caffeine helps in fat mobilisation resulting in burning of more fat) .

I will share things i did to get rid of belly fat and “love handels” aka side fat .

  1. Follow a strict diet routine , well i did keto diet and intermittent fasting to get better results . Well if u do intermittent fasting and restrict ur calories and be in a deficit u will see results . It all comes down to, “give ur body the reason to use that stored energy aka Fats ”
  2. Work on building the muscle groups in that area , thats comprises of muscles groups like obliques , rectus abdominis or abs and serratus anterior. Building the obliques will give ur tummy the ripped look , it wont matter if u have a well developed abs or not.
  3. Now,What exercise will u do? Wood chopper exercise have proved to be best in building those obliques . And dumbell pullover for ur serratus anterior.

Well i have linked a 30 day challenge , it works on building all the muscles in obliques . Please go have a look .

Good luck . Hope it helps.


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