10 Creative Watches With Super Minimalist and Most Unusual Watch Designs

Watches have always been more than just time-telling mini machines. For hundreds of years, they are looked upon as the product of an artist’s colorful creative imagination than an engineer’s precision engineering. And for no surprise, as these are the only machines created by artists, not engineers.

While it is the imagination of artists that is behind these pieces of art, it’s the technological advancement that has made it possible for anyone to wear the art. Otherwise, not so long ago, you would only find these artifacts on the wrists of the riches. Brands like Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Patek Philippe are still sticking to their old design-for-riches tradition.

In this Chlorine listicle, we have collected 10 creative watch designs that are both amazing pieces of art and affordable for anyone to decorate their wrists with.

#2 Minimalist Turntable Magnetic Beads Dial Watch | $55

This one of a kind minimalist watch uses a magnetic dial with two ball bearings working as the hour and minute indicators. Besides its artistic features, the watch has other amazing technical features like special Zinc alloy dial material, Quartz movement, underwater resistance up to 3 bar pressure. The watch comes in three beautiful colors to match the design.

#3 Sweeping Northern Lights Display Digital Artistic Watch | $26.50

Though this is not a mechanical watch, the creative digital sweeping northern lights display and minimalist design make it a beautiful piece of art. One end of the sweeping circular band indicates the hour and the other points to minutes. The watch comes in multiple colors to choose from. Technical specifications include Zinc alloy case material and water resistance up to 3 bars.

#4 Pentagon Five Time Zones Sports Watch | $40

A mechanical behemoth with five separate time zones and a turn-key for each. The watch definitely has a look of antiquity with a 20th-century diesel engine like design. Metal alloy case material and silicon bands make this some strongly built watch. With a number of keys going in and out, the watch, for no surprise, is not waterproof. After considering everything else, I would only go for this watch if I was an equally big man or a woman.

#6 Creative Layered Mechanical Sports Watch | $38

If it was not for modern technology, thousands of man-hours would be needed to craft this watch, resulting into a bulky price tag as well. The layered design, dial curation, and the color scheme, all combine to produce this great design. Technical specifications include metal alloy case material, layered dial design, stopwatch feature, complete calendar, auto date adjustment, and water resistance. The amazing thing about this watch is all the abovementioned features work mechanically.


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