4 Creative Old T-Shirt Hacks to Give Them a Second Life

Folks, i welcome you with love and a handful of old t-shirt hacks! More than often, we have clothes that we just cannot part ways with; they come with memories. Maybe you bought that shirt with your first salary or your first love gifted that shirt to you – whatever the reason we understand that you might not want to get rid of a shirt that is a mere “piece of clothing” for others.

We can look for creative ideas to turn our old shirts into new – fun shirts. Are you with me on this?
Let’s get started.

T-Shirt Comforter

old t-shirt hacks

This one is personally one of my favorite hacks to make use of my old t-shirts. All you need to do is collect all your old shirts and stitch them together to form a giant and comfortable comforter. First, you need to cut down the sleeves of the sweatshirt; next divide the shirt into 2 – front and back. Once you have cut both the sides and the sleeves of all your old shirts you can now stitch them together and the end product will surprise you.

It is going to be a classic comforter made up of all your old shirts which you would have to give away. We suggest that you either use all your black and white shirts to make your custom comforter or use multiple colors to give it a fun look.

Tie and Dye T-shirts

old t-shirt tie dye

Tie and dye are always fun, easy and affordable. You can make use of the tie and dye tricks to transform your old shirts into new, creative shirts. All you need to do is to take an old shirt, tie it with threads in a pattern you like and pour some dye on it. Afterwards, just dunk it in a tub of water or give it around in the washing machine. The final product will blow your mind!
This is a must-try.

Make a Shirt-Tote Bag

old t-shirt to tote bag

Let’s agree to it, going plastic-free was one of the best things we could do for our planet and a sustainable environment. You can now make a tote bag from your old shirts, it will not only save you money, but you will get a chance to use creative bags every time you go shopping.
First, the shirt into two, and cut another long stripe-like piece from the shirt. After doing that stitch the shirt from three sides and use the stripe you had cut on the top as a handle.
Ta-da your custom tote bag is ready.

Shirt to Pillow Cover

old t-shirt to pillow cover

You’re going to love this one. Has it ever occurred to you that you can have a nice wardrobe for your pillows as well? Let me tell you how. Now you can give Mr.Pillow a nice wardrobe by making your old shirts their shirts. All you need to do is take measurements of your pillow, and stitch your shirt accordingly and now Mr.Pillow has a wardrobe update.

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We know, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to dump your old clothes. Make use of the tips above and have fun with new, creative custom DIY by you!

4 ways to repurpose your old t-shrit hacks


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