10 Resistance Band Workouts That Will Tone Your Entire Body

In this Chlorine listicle, we have collected all the best resistance band workouts you can do at home to tone your entire body.

What are the resistance bands?

Combine all the equipment in a gym into one single compact unit and you get the resistance band! A resistance band is such great fitness equipment that if you have one at home-actually more than one ;)- you may not need to register in the gym-I mean unless you are going for bodybuilding. Resistance bands are also a necessary addition to strength training exercises.

Before moving on to the next page where we will be talking about the top ten best resistance band workouts to tone the entire body, let’s get acquainted with their different types.

Types of resistance bands

Resistance bands come in a couple of different forms. Two basic types are Resistance tubes and flat belt-shaped bands. They also come in a loop or open-end types and with or without end handles.

Color classification of strength

The resistance strength of a resistance band is represented by its color. Refer to the following table for the classification:

Why resistance bands for body tone?

In our previous listicle, we took you through the 10 best indoor no equipment workouts, again for the entire body tone. We also covered the 6 best no-equipment workouts to get rid of side fat and belly pooch. Now it’s time to get the resistance bands out!

Resistance band workouts for complete body tone

These are all one-minute workouts designed in a way so as to hit the entire body. Especially the often ignored small body stabilizer muscles. These muscles are responsible for your maintaining your body shape and correct body moments.

What would you need?
  1. A medium resistance open-end resistance band with end handles. (Colored red)
  2. A loop type low resistance band. (Colored yellow)
  3. Exercise mat (optional)
  4. A bottle of clean water nearby.
Warm-up beforehand

At this point, you should do the warm-up before we go for our first workout. You are free to do any warm-up exercises you usually do. OR, do the following:

  1. Jumping Jacks (30 reps)
  2. Lunges (5 reps)
  3. Side leg swings (10 reps)
  4. Push-ups (5-15 reps)

Warmed up right? Your muscles are now ready for the vigorous actions. Everything is ready? Let’s get to our first workout!



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