The 8 Stages of Love All Couples Go Through-What Stage is Yours?

According to psychologists, all couples go through ups and downs, disappointments, resentments, and conflicts, but this is not a reason to end the relationship.

If you realize in time that you and your chosen one go through at a certain stage, which is inevitable, then you can establish communication and save your union. Details – in the material

Falling in love (or sympathy)

You feel a mutual attraction and at the same time are afraid to do something that will scare away (or disappoint) the object of your sympathy and you will be left alone with your feelings and desires.

According to the psychologist, at this stage, there is a not yet conscious choice, but rather a feeling of certain instincts that help in the end to find someone who will suit you in all respects.

All-consuming passion

This is the very initial stage (after sympathy and falling in love, of course) of a relationship, when you literally dissolve in each other, want to spend as much time together as possible, not paying attention to others. You don’t see your partner’s flaws, just noticing their strengths and finding them damn attractive.

Becoming your couple

You study each other’s habits, discover each other, and gradually begin to feel like a couple, one whole. Instead of “I” appears “we”, and you make all your actions and decisions from what will be best for you as a couple.

The storm of emotions has subsided, the two of you are so comfortable that you don’t want to let anyone else into your cozy world.

You develop together, decide to move in, formalize the relationship, have a baby, and even organize some kind of joint project. You begin to realize the value of your union based on mutual respect and shared values.

Disappointment and early conflicts

According to psychologists, this period accounts for the most divorces. Because the first euphoria has passed, the pink glasses slept and you saw the person as he really is (and not as you invented him/her for yourself and then fell in love with your own invented image ).

It seems to you that everything has been decided between you for a long time and a joint future does not shine for you. You are perplexed where that witty person in whom you doted, and what this loser is doing next to you now (yes, this is how you see your partner at this stage).

Everything about him literally starts to irritate you: from some harmless habits to statements about the weather. You start the first serious conflicts, and you are ready to stop everything at once, just not to be around and not to indulge in mutual reproaches and accusations.

Correcting mistakes and forming opinions

When you realize that expectation and reality are far apart, like heaven and earth, you can accept this and try to build an ideal world with a person you once loved or, realizing that your differences are insurmountable, stop tormenting each other and disperse in different directions.

Most couples still choose to keep the relationship at this stage and work on mistakes to exclude the possibility of conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.

Doubt and trying to fit in with your partner

Your relationship has been going on for several years and some doubts still appear in your head, whether you have chosen the right person, and whether a bright future awaits you with him.

You involuntarily begin to compare your chosen one with other men and often this comparison is not in his favor. If at this stage you do not take a rash step, but decide that the person who is next to you is really dear to you, then the no-less-difficult stage begins – acceptance of each other, the sacrifice of something for the sake of relationships and attempts to make concessions for the sake of finding a happy joint future.

Striving for diversity (including in sex)

At this stage, you try not to bore each other, constantly come up with something new (including in bed) in order to diversify your life together and show that you can still surprise your partner.

If suddenly one of you tries and invests in these relationships, and the other ignores these efforts, then at this stage you can face intrigues on the side and betrayal.

To prevent this from happening, try to help your chosen one, support his initiative, and then your relationship will become deeper and more trusting.

Complete trust and harmony

Conflicts are far behind you, you are no longer trying to find out who is in charge in your relationship and calmly accept each other for who you are (without embellishment and attempts to change your partner for yourself).

Love has transformed into complete trust and acceptance. You have become best friends and are ready to walk together to the end. The future no longer scares you, and you don’t care about the opinions of others. You have found happiness and harmony, as you once dreamed at the very beginning of your relationship.


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