Now comes the cushion part of the bench (5/8)

Several tutorials I saw skipped this step, but I would recommend adding quilt batting first, before the fabric. I bought a humongous bag of quilt batting at Walmart for about $5. First set the piece of quilt batting on the floor/table/bench, then the foam, then the MDF board.

We actually stapled the fabric to the board/foam without the quilt batting the first time, then realized it didn’t look very good. We could see bumps and areas where the foam wasn’t quite straight, and it was hard to get the fabric tight enough. So we removed the staples and fabric and added the quilt batting.

Then simply stretch the quilt batting over the edges of the foam and MDF board and staple it with a staple gun! This was actually really fun. I found that by adding quilt batting, it provided a tighter surface area to stretch the final fabric over, which helped keep it nice and tight-fitting.

After stapling the quilt batting, you will repeat the step but using fabric this time. You can choose any type of fabric you want. For the window bench in our nursery, we chose Pearl bracelet Andover fabric in Citron color . I had previously cut it and ironed it for a smooth surface once it was stapled on.How much fabric do you need? I purchased 2 1/2 yards of fabric for each window bench. It was a little more than I needed, but I didn’t want to cut it close, and I have a little bit left over if I need it in the future.For our living room bench, we chose Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice in Lagoon color. I can’t tell you how long it took me to decide on which fabric to use. I would suggest waiting until you absolutely fall in love with something.

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