Qatar Builds a 3000 Bed World-Class Hospital in Record Time of 72 Hours

Qatar constructed a field medical isolation hospital within a record time of 72 hours as part of its proactive plans and standby measures taken to combat the new coronavirus. The construction of such a hospital in such a short span of time shows how advanced health-care standards in the country are.

The construction of the makeshift hospital, located in Umm Salal (North Doha), was supervised by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) at the request of the Ministry of Public Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. The hospital is equipped with all the necessary technology implemented in any world-class hospital.

Hospital capacity

The field isolation hospital has 3,000 beds in its first phase, and the remaining work is being completed to reach a whopping capacity of eight thousand and five hundred beds. After the completion of the second phase, the hospital will be catering for over 12,000 and 500 patients.

Eng. Fatima Al Meer, Building Projects Department at the Public Works Authority said the construction in such a record time is a national achievement. She thanked the private sector including local contractors for their dedicated efforts in turning the drawing on a paper into reality.

Qatar’s Seriousness towards the Pandemic

Al-Mir said in a special statement to Al-Jazeera Net- that the establishment of the field isolation hospital in record time is part of Qatar’s plans and precautionary measures to address the coronavirus pandemic. It is to be noted that the hospital was not built because the hospital capacity in the country is exhausted, but as a backup for any possible worst-case scenario.

What’s inside the hospital?

  1. A multi-user lounge accommodating about six hundred people.
  2. Built-in facilities for sports activities.
  3. A dining lounge for about nine hundred people constructed in a way that ensures social distancing.
  4. An isolation zone consisting of six large 3000-bed tents with 220 toilets.
  5. A service area consisting of two large tents. One dedicated to food and the second is versatile and equipped with a gymnasium and an electronic gaming hall, along with ten small tents dedicated to administering the facility.

The field isolation hospital will contribute significantly to increasing the capacity medical system in case of need.


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