Keep Children Busy at Home: 10 Creative & Fun Ideas

Children are self-sufficient when it comes to keeping themselves busy. They have this ability to turn literally anything into a toy. They are not like us adults who constantly need some sort of stimulation to stay alive. But there are times when even these super-curious beings complain that they don’t have enough to do.

So, when do the children get bored? Well, when they are left alone for too long, when they are not given enough attention, or when they are not being challenged enough. Toddlers can also get bored when they are not allowed to explore and play.

Whether it’s a rainy day, quarantine, or when you just can’t or don’t want to go out. While you may be fine doing nothing, your toddler probably won’t accept excuses.

So, to answer your kid’s creative needs, we have enlisted 10 great fun activities your toddler would love doing at home.

1. Sort and Get to Know Colors

For children who are just beginning to learn their colors, a sorting activity is perfect! It is a fun way for them to learn while playing.

You can use anything around the house like different colored socks, balls, blocks, or even food! Give your toddler a few items of each color and let them sort them into piles. As they do, name the colors for them.

To make it even more fun, take a piece of cardboard and cut out several circles. Then divide the circles into small triangles and paint them with different colors. Ideally, paint the sections with the colors you have on your clothespins. Your child can now clip on the clothespins in the right color and get to know the colors in a playful way!

keep your toddlers busy at home creative and fun ideas

2. Let Them Finger-Paint Anything

In all honesty, between the ages of 1 and 2, very few children are able to stick to limited painting surfaces. So that your child can also let off steam artistically. You can, for example, use the bathtub and let them experiment with finger paints there. Special finger paints are safe for children and can be easily washed off without leaving any unsightly stains! You can later photograph and print out the bathtub art – this will also give you a nice reminder of the first color attempts!

An alternative that is a bit more complex and also needs your full attention as a parent: Tape the floor in the living room with a large foil and put white canvases of different sizes on it. Place the finger paints so that your child can let off steam and experiment with them. We have already done this and these pieces of art are now hanging in our hallway.

best indoor activities for toddlers

3. Simplified Board Games

At one year old it is almost unthinkable, but from the age of 1.5, it is quite possible to play the first board game with your child. There are simplified versions of popular games such as B. Orchard for children from 2 years.

Board games are fun and encourage community. On top of that, the children learn to win and lose in the process. Playing games together is a great idea to keep a toddler occupied and makes for a great cozy family afternoon at home!

fun indoor activities to keep toddlers busy at home

4. Increase Complexity: Make Paper Lanterns

For this, you need a balloon, pieces of colored tissue paper, and glue. Apply the paste to the entire surface of the balloon and then have your child glue the scraps of tissue paper to it. If you really want to use it as a lantern, then mark the future opening with a waterproof pen. This opening is also not covered!

When the balloon has been properly taped all around (you need about 2-3 layers of paper), let it dry. Once it’s completely dry (this can take 2-3 days), pierce the balloon and use scissors to cut the opening into shape. In order to use the lantern as such, rechargeable LED candles are best suited. Afterward, you can continue tinkering with it as you wish!

diy fun and creative activities for toddlers and kids

5: Build a Cave, Their Version of Home

Children love to build caves and hide in them. In practice, it doesn’t take much at all. With just a blanket, the couch, and the living room table or something similar, you and your child can conjure up a cuddly cave.

creative and fun activities for kids at home

6. Children’s Version of Grocery Store

Children learn by imitating us, adults. So the little ones know quite quickly that we go shopping regularly and use a shopping basket or trolley to do so. Nothing brings children more joy than doing exactly the same thing as mom or dad. That’s why a grocery store is an ideal option if you want to keep small children busy at home. You can use it to reenact everyday life.

grocery store for kids indoor activities

7. Make Your Own Play Dough

Fantasy is brought into shape with modeling clay and you can easily make it yourself. For the DIY dough, you only need two cups of flour and a cup of salt. Mix both with a teaspoon of oil and a cup of cold water, kneading constantly. As soon as the mass combines, the dough is ready and your child can start shaping, baking, and cutting out dough cookies.

If you like it colorful, you can simply add a few drops of food coloring and conjure up different clay colors! Of course, you can also buy the putty.

homemade play dough for children activities

8. Build Towers Out of Blocks

Blocks are another great toy for toddlers because they can be used in so many different ways. One fun way to play with them is to see how tall of a tower your toddler can build.

They will love stacking the blocks up high and knocking them down again! This activity is also great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

fun activities for kids at home ideas

9. Simple Obstacle Course

Use couch cushions, chairs, or even pillows to create an obstacle course for your toddler to navigate. Add in some fun elements like tunnels made out of cardboard boxes or a balance beam made out of a broom.

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Keep Toddlers Busy at Home: Bonus Ideas

Have a dance party

Put on some of your toddler’s favorite tunes and let them loose! They’ll love dancing around the living room and pretending to be their favorite pop star.

Play “I Spy”

This classic game is perfect for toddlers who are just learning to recognize colors and shapes. Take turns finding objects around the room and see who can find the most.

Put on a puppet show

Use some old socks or towels to create fun puppets, then put on a show! Your toddler will love being in charge of the action and making the puppets talk and move.

Build a fort

Get out some blankets and chairs and build a fort! This is a great activity for rainy days when your toddler is stuck inside.

Make homemade pizzas

Let your toddler help you make some mini pizzas! They can choose their own toppings and help you spread the sauce and cheese.

Have a tea party

Dust off your old tea set and have a pretend tea party! Your toddler will love serving you “tea” and eating pretend snacks.

Play with Play-Doh

Pull out the Play-Doh and let your toddler create whatever they want! They can make snakes, balls, or even pretend food.

Do a puzzle

Find a simple puzzle with large pieces that your toddler can easily put together. They’ll love the feeling of accomplishment when they finish it!

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Take a walk around your neighborhood and see how many different things you can find! Your toddler will love looking for leaves, rocks, and sticks.


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