Jared Leto Accidently Lost His Oscar, Hopes to Find it Someday

American actor Jared Leto has lost his Academy award. The actor told revealed this during a talk to James Corden on this show ”The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

jared leto lost his oscar award

The actor suggested that the statuette could have been stolen during his move to a new home in Los Angeles.

While the award was lost a couple of years ago and was never found, Jared hoped that he hopes it’s in good hands.

After all, this is a valuable thing, it is unlikely that someone accidentally threw it in the trash can. I hope it is carefully looked after.

The star also shared that he once hit the statuette on the railing, leaving a dent in it.
Jared Leto received an Oscar in 2014 for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club.


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