Tipping Etiquette at the Hairdresser: Finding the Right Tip Amount

Tipping is the giving of a small amount for a service you get from someone. Tipping at a hairdresser is a very common gesture seen throughout the world but many people get confused at this process .The hairdresser often also has a tip box. But what is too little, what is too much – or is it not necessary at all?

. So here is a small guide for you to tip at a hairdresser.

A tip is one of the small gestures that shows your appreciation to service providers. The question often arises, especially when it comes to hairdressers: How much is actually normal and what is appropriate?

What is an appropriate tip?

There are no hard and fast rules about how much you should tip at the hairdresser. The decision is entirely yours. Tipping must be voluntary. In America you usually set five to ten percent of the invoice amount. Some factors may influence your decision:

  1. Satisfaction with the service
  2. Duration and effort of the hairstyle
  3. Friendliness and service of the staff

Avoid discomfort when tipping

For many people, tipping can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if they are unsure about how much is appropriate. Here are some tips to avoid this discomfort:

  • Do your research beforehand: Many salons have unspoken standards or recommendations. It doesn’t hurt to ask friends or acquaintances what they usually do.
  • Round up: If you don’t know exactly how much 10 percent is, simply round up to the nearest ten. This makes calculations easier and gives you a feeling of security.
  • Paying in cash: Keep coins or smaller bills handy. This makes it easier to give the tip directly to the person who served you to your satisfaction. This way you avoid having to search for suitable money.
  • Communication: If you were particularly satisfied, do not hesitate to communicate this too. Verbal praise combined with a tip further underlines your appreciation.
  • Some businesses have a tip jar or piggy bank on the counter. The business owner distributes the content to all of his employees at appropriate intervals. It is clear that the owner of the salon is not entitled to a share of these tips.
  • The employer must also pay out all credit card tips to its employees. These are currently tax-free.
  • Why is tipping important?

    While it’s not mandatory, tipping shows your gratitude for a job well done. It is a small thank you for the special effort of the hairdresser and shows that you appreciate the service. Only the hairdressers who are employed in the salon receive tips from the customer if they perform well.

    Remember that tipping is always a voluntary gesture. Don’t be pressured, give what you think is appropriate and what your budget allows. It is a gesture that should come from the heart and reflect your satisfaction. They should give with joy and show it.


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