Record Breaking Floods Wreak Havoc Across Various U.S Cities

It’s been a dangerous holiday weekend for many. Just today, 11 more tornadoes across four states left 29 million Americans at the risk of severe weather. With a tornado watch continuing through parts of Indiana and Illinois including Chicago. And tomorrow 48 million people are in the path as that weather moves east.

Along the Arkansas River there’s a rush to protect homes from rising water. The Arkansas River over its banks in Oklahoma and the water is still rising in Tulsa. Some neighborhoods underwater forcing residents to take refuge in Red Cross shelters.

At the Keystone Dam, the Army Corps of Engineers have been trying to manage the water by increasing the flow to the equivalent of a hundred eighty Olympic sized swimming pools a minute. The greatest worry is a potential weak spot along the eight-mile-long levee.

The tornadoes continue to tear across the Midwest. There had been more than 120 confirmed tornadoes. Devastation in Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding areas was significant on Tuesday. The overnight tornado that struck the city overnight left debris along the path.

These areas were under a tornado emergency as the dangerous tornado was reported late Monday. On fatality in the nearby Celina is reported so far which about 70 miles from Dayton. The National Weather Service (NWS)  has called the situation life-threatening.

In Arkansas the river is already at record flood stage, 38 feet, it is predicted to rise five more feet by Wednesday.

Emergency officials estimate that 170 homes are damaged. Homeowners are now learning an ugly truth, their homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover water damage like this, and that requires a specific federal flood insurance policy.


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