The Fact That Fish Have a 3 Second Memory is Just Plain Wrong

They Use Tools Like Us

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One of the high bars we set for intelligence in other animals is the ability to use tools—which scientists roughly define as using an inanimate object to do something you can’t do with your body alone.

fish use tools like other mammals
A blackspot tuskfish off Australia has its mouth full as it carries a cockle to a nearby rock, against which the fish was seen repeatedly bashing the shellfish to get at the fleshy bits. IMG: National Geographic

Surprise!—there are fish that use tools! Several species of fish have been seen using rocks to smash open sea urchins and shellfish. Some freshwater fish that make nests—like cichlids and catfish—will glue their eggs to a leaf or rock so they can pick them up and relocate them easily if the nest is disturbed.

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