Countries With Best and Worst Tourists: Hotel Owner Names

Traveling is about venturing into foreign places, meeting new people. It’s about experiencing different cultures and sharing ours. As a tourist in a foreign country, we represent our own.

Russian blogger Aleksey Kutovoy visited Cappadocia, a popular tourist destination in Turkey. He sat and talked to one of the local hotel owners.

In the brief conversation, Aleksy asked about the countries with the best and worst tourists.

Nosiest and Illmannered Tourists

The hotel owner found tourists from the USA and Great Britain as the noisiest. She said they usually laugh loudly, swear and interfere with the rest of the tourists.

They have no upbringing at all. And, you know, our family is important, relatives. They don’t have that.

Sociable and Open-minded Tourists

The woman thinks Spaniards are among the best tourists. She found tourists from Spain as highly social, open-minded, and even funny.

When they come, it’s always a holiday. They’re just that kind of people: very sociable, open-minded and funny.

The woman almost always called tourists from Russia and Ukraine good and sincere people, and from China – funny:

They always keep in small groups, chirp something. We love the Chinese.

If one of the guests disturbs the peace of other guests, they are asked to leave the hotel.

We want only decent people to come to us: families, single travelers. Quiet and calm people. We generally want to stop settling in Turks and let only foreigners in. There are fewer problems with them.


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