Italy Sees Signs of Hope, Americans Warned, Coronavirus Strikes UK Gov

The deadly coronavirus epidemic has claimed at least 33,244 lives and infected over 700,000 in 183 countries across the globe. While governments around the world are taking the harshest ever measures to curb the spread, the highly contagious Covid-19 shows no signs of dying down.

While Italy still tops the world in the total number of reported deaths, the US has surpassed every other hard-hit country in terms of total infections.

A sign of hope for devastated Italy

The number of new deaths from Covid-19 in Italy has declined for the second consecutive day.

According to the Civil Protection Authority, the number of deaths reached 756 in the last 24 hours, bringing total deaths to 10,779, about one-third of all deaths from HIV worldwide.

On Sunday, a total of 133 deaths were recorded which is lower than the number of deaths recorded on Saturday (889), which was also lower than the record number of 919 on Friday.

The total number of confirmed cases in Italy rose to 97689 on Sunday from 92,472, marking the lowest daily increase in the number of new cases since Wednesday.

Despite the signs of a downward trend, the country-wide restriction will continue to remain in place.

Talking to Sky TG24, Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Bucha confirmed that the precautionary restriction to be expired on April 3rd will certainly be extended.

He further stated that the decisions will be made by the Prime minister in the light of recorded data and scientific evidence.

I think it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to talk about reopening schools and production sites, said Bucha.

Tough days await Americans

Trump warned Americans to be ready for further escalation in the crisis. The president speculated that the number of deaths may drastically increase in the coming weeks.

The number of deaths is likely to peak in the next two weeks before we win, said Trump.

According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths in the country is at 2467 with 140,000 infections.

Trump told work for a possible vaccine against the virus is underway.

We have a lot of research going on on blood plasma therapy and we have achieved good results in cooperation with some countries, he added.

He pledged to provide 50,000 testing kits and other medical equipment to the states.

Coronavirus strikes the British government

UK’s Housing Secretary Robert Generic said that all parts of the country have been in an unprecedented emergency situation since World War II. He said the government has established strategic coordination centers across the country.

The coronavirus has hit the heart of British politics infecting the country’s prime minister and several other officials.

Hours after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed his infection last Friday, Health Minister Matt Hancock said he was also infected with the virus followed by the country’s medical advisor.

Government officials are now concerned about the number of other officials the infected Prime minister might have transferred the virus to before he was diagnosed.

There is no way of knowing whether members of the British Government have transmitted the infection to each other.

Earlier, Johnson’s spokesman said that the prime minister had not approached anyone very closely from the moment he had symptoms.

The British Royal Palace announced earlier that Crown Prince Charles was also infected with the coronavirus.


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