Climate Change Activists In London Block Stock Exchange

In London climate change activists are wrapping up their protests on what is the last scheduled day of demonstrations. They’ve been out doing various forms of civil disobedience for more than a week now trying to get politicians to take more extreme measures to protect the environment.

Thursday’s protests caused mass disruption in the British capital in the city’s financial district

In a weird form of protest, some individuals superglued their hands inside pipes. The pipes were then wrapped in chicken wire and in cardboard to make it difficult for the police to be able to cut through. The police had to use saws to cut through the pipes.

London stock exchange protests
Climate change activists gathered outside London Stock Exchange. Photo: Radio NZ

This morning at the London Stock Exchange, about 12 individuals glued themselves together to block both the entrances to the building.

The protesters were holding up neon signs that read ‘Climate emergency and you can’t eat money’. Other places where similar protests were being held include Canary Wharf on the East side of the city which is also a financial hub. The protesters there got on top of trains and in fact one woman even glued herself to a train.

woman glued herself to train in london
Retired GP Diana Warner glued herself to a DLR train at Canary Wharf (Image: Ciaran McGrath)

When CBC’s Renee Philipone asked about her seemingly weird action, she said:

We have to do this in order for governments to listen to the warnings of the scientists. It’s completely bizarre that we have to do this.

The woman was later removed from the train and arrested. Similar protests are anticipated in other cities.


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