Cavalier pain: When strong excitement hurts

Cavalier pain: Strong excitement without subsequent ejaculation can be uncomfortable for men.

Cavalier pain: Strong excitement without subsequent ejaculation can be uncomfortable for men.

Long-lasting, strong excitement that does not result in ejaculation can lead to sudden pain in the abdomen and testicles in men. The so-called cavalier pain, also known as “blue testicles”, can last a few minutes or up to a few hours. We have Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, specialist in urology and press spokesman for the professional association of German urologists, asked what was behind the phenomenon.

Arousal without ejaculation can become painful

If ejaculation does not occur after long-term excitement, pain in the abdomen, testicles and perineal area is possible: “This causes the muscles of the spermatic ducts to tense, the blood builds up and puts pressure on the nerves of the spermatic ducts,” explains the urologist . “The nerves can become so irritated that they overreact.” Pain occurs, which is usually short, but in rare cases can last for several hours. “It’s a very unpleasant feeling for men,” says Bühmann.

Testicles shimmer bluish

The fact that this phenomenon is not only known as cavalier pain, but is also called “blue testicles” is because they turn a shimmering bluish color due to the accumulation of blood. The only thing that can provide relief is orgasm, or rather, ejaculation: “Ejaculation is the best therapy for pain. Because then the muscles relax, the blood flows out and the penis becomes flaccid.

Masturbation creates relief

“Man can also experience relief through masturbation,” says the urologist. But that is not a guarantee. Some men also suffer from unpleasant pulling sensations just before orgasm. Then there is probably hypersensitivity of the nerves. But not every man is susceptible to cavalier pain. It is not known why some men are more susceptible than others. But one thing is clear: “Pain occurs more frequently in men who have sex less often.”

No reason to worry

But the unpleasant pulling sensation is nothing to worry about. This short-term functional state of the body is not dangerous to health. However, if the man suffers from the pain on a regular basis, it can have a long-term negative impact on his sex life because he is already afraid of the pain during the arousal phase. This robs you of your desire and sometimes your stamina. “If you suffer a lot from cavalier pain, you should see a urologist,” advises Bühmann.


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