Boosting Immunity: Strategies to Ward Off Colds

Autumn is here are it is the season when many people specially children catch cold and offices and schools are full of sick leaves. There are people who tend to get more flues than others this is because their immune system is weak and they can catch cold very easily. So, if you are one of them or you have such people around you than these are the ways to boost your immune system naturally through easy everyday fall routine. Strengthen your immune to fight the cold this fall season!

1.Dryness caused by heating air makes the mucous membrane susceptible to viruses and bacteria. But if you drink at least 1.5 liters a day, you stimulate saliva production, which makes it difficult for pathogens. Water is a good choice, but flavorful teas are even better.

2.Escape the dry heating air with regular walks in the fresh air and strengthen your immune system: The vitamin D in sunlight activates our killer cells.

3.Anyone who constantly wraps themselves in warm blankets is particularly sensitive to low temperatures. Regular cold showers or contrast showers promote blood circulation and activate the body’s own thermoregulation.

4.Lack of sleep weakens the immune system. The stress hormone cortisol also increases if the night’s sleep is regularly short. If you want to stay fit, sleep at least six, but preferably seven to eight hours a day.

5.In addition to sufficient sleep, the immune system also needs regular breaks during the day to recover. Relaxation, hobbies, sports and new challenges reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

6.Endurance training such as running, Nordic walking or cycling keeps the body’s immune cells active. But you shouldn’t overdo it: Studies have shown that excessive training temporarily weakens the immune system and thus promotes colds.

7.A balanced, vitamin-rich diet with lots of fruit and vegetables makes the body more robust. The trace elements zinc, iron, selenium and copper, which are mainly found in meat, fish and dairy products, are also good to boost  immune system.


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