Android Apps for Runners: 10 of The Best Free on Playstore

Running is a great way to lose weight, improve your health, and improve your body quality. Today, you can learn to run and even prepare for a marathon using free mobile apps. If you’re looking for the best running app, check out our selection of options for every fitness level.

Our selection of mobile apps for Android for running will help you do your favorite sport, track your physical activity and achieve any goal – whether it’s losing weight, getting in shape, or preparing for a marathon.

1. Adidas Running App by Runtastic

Android Apps for Runners

This Adidas’ proprietary mobile running app not only calculates distance and calories burnt, but also measures pace and speed, tracks progress, and even allows you to participate in competitions and challenges.

In this convenient, aesthetic, and functional application, you can read the news feed, train according to programs from professionals, follow the progress of friends, and take photos of the area from your runs. Here you can keep training statistics, develop goals for the year, and even track the mileage of your sneakers so that you can buy a new pair on time.

There are many positive reviews about the application, although there are also negative ones that relate to the work of GPS. Users love the simplicity and convenience of the app, unique features, and international running challenges.

App Features:

  • Distance tracking and calorie count.
  • Measuring pace, running speed, and fluid loss.
  • Convenient statistics, goal creation, and record tracking.
  • Lots of shoe brands and models (not just Adidas) to add to your mileage tracking list.
  • Active International community.
  • Smartwatch compatibility.

2. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club for weight loss

One of the best running apps by users belongs to Nike. In the application, you can track your progress in running training, monitor statistics, and compete with other users. Each run can be customized, music selected, and saved in the history.

Those who like to challenge themselves will love the option of challenges or challenges that you can create yourself or join existing ones. Of the useful additional functions, you can note articles about running, nutrition, and health, as well as flipping through the feed of friends and monitoring their sports success.

The app is highly rated by users for its convenience, functionality, ease of use, as well as many additional options, such as the ability to choose a playlist for a run. Negative comments refer to errors in the distance, which can reach 1-2 km, as well as the inability to bind a fitness tracker.

App Features:

  • Distance measurement, running pace, and calories count.
  • Convenient statistics based on records and achievements.
  • Customize each run for yourself (choice of location, background colors, etc.).
  • Rich playlists to spice up your running.
  • Ability to add running shoes to track your mileage.
  • Participation in international running challenges.

3. Running and Jogging by Zeopoxa

android apps for runners Running and Jogging by Zeopoxa

A simple and functional running app for Android. The app helps you stay focused on your workout while keeping track of your distance, calories burned, and speed. You will also find out the maximum and minimum running speed, learn about the differences in terrain height, determine the average running pace.

At the end of your run, you will receive a detailed workout report showing your speed and altitude for each segment of the run. The data will help you track your progress and improve your training results. The results can be shared with friends, as well as participate in challenges and set your own records.

Users highly rate the application, many like that there is nothing superfluous here, and the errors in calculations are minimal. The app is perfect for professional running training, as it allows you to track your physical performance over a distance.

App Features:

  • Track distance, running speed, and calories burnt.
  • Detailed information about each segment of the distance.
  • Convenient statistics in the form of graphs.
  • Goal setting and participate in challenges.
  • Adding workout details (temperature, wind direction, shoes, heart rate, mood).
  • Sound alerts.

4. Running App – Leap Fitness Group

running android app

A functional mobile running app designed for beginners who want to lose weight and get in shape. Despite the fact that the app is designed for weight loss, there is a lot of useful information here for users of all skill levels.

In the application, you can set goals for the month, engage in specially designed workouts, add music, analyze results, and track progress. The tracker also allows you to keep track of the fluid you drink, so as not to forget about the water balance.

Users liked the app for its simplicity and efficiency. It is designed to motivate newbies to run every day and does its job successfully. There is no detailed analysis of the runs here, but it is not required at the entry-level.

App Features:

  • Visual training statistics with route demonstration.
  • Track pace, distance, and calories burned.
  • Ready-made running workouts, as well as examples of hitching and stretching.
  • Dehydration tracker.
  • Setting goals for the week, tracking records.

5. Treadmill Leap by Leap Fitness Group

best fitness apps android

Another Leap running app that is slightly different in functionality. Here you can select a level for beginners, advanced and experienced runners to get customized training plans. The tracker lets you choose to workout outdoors with GPS or on a treadmill.

Next, you only need to turn on the start button and run according to the proposed plan, for example. 2 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking, etc. The change of modes occurs by a vibration signal. Before each cardio workout, there is a warm-up with an animated exercise demonstration. As you run, the app detects your pace and counts the calories burned.

According to user reviews, the Leap Fitness Group running tracker is a great app that allows you to start running from scratch and achieve your goals. The app doesn’t have a lot of features, but it really does improve your performance and motivates you to run every day, regardless of level.

App Features:

  • Ready-made training plans for the week and month according to the level of training.
  • Training history with routes.
  • Pace, time, and distance measurement.
  • Warm-up before each workout.
  • Built-in pedometer.
  • Music playlists.

6. GPS Sports Tracker: Running, Walking, Cycling

android app sports and fitness running

The completely free Android running app is suitable for tracking the results of a variety of cardio workouts, including Nordic walking, cycling, rollerblading, skating, and more.

While running, the application tracks your route, speed, distance, number of steps, and many other indicators that can be viewed in the details of the workout on the charts. The tracker features the most detailed statistics, allowing you to keep track of important activity indicators to progress in your workouts. Additionally, you can take photos of the area and add them to your training history.

Users like the app because the GPS works smoothly, but only if the Internet is available. Offline maps load slowly and there may be data errors.

App Features:

  • Track distance, speed, calories, altitude, pace, steps, and more.
  • Detailed training statistics.
  • Detailed history with the ability to create photo reports.
  • Training schedules with reminders.
  • Detailed training details based on the type of activity.

7. Start to Run. Running for Beginners

andriod apps for runners for beginners

A useful running app that is best for beginners. The application is designed for teaching beginners to run since you need to run according to ready-made programs.

The advanced version has the ability to create your own workouts, for example, you can prescribe programs to prepare for a marathon. Each ready-made workout plan is divided into 4 levels of 4 weeks duration, which will allow you to improve your skill and get used to running training. After your activity, you will receive a detailed report on distance, route, calories burned, pace, and running speed.

There are many positive reviews about the application since even the free version of the app has everything you may need. The app reads the route well and does not need a Wi-fi connection. And the big advantage is also high data accuracy and no problems with GPS.

App Features:

  • Ready-made workout plans for beginners.
  • Voice prompts while running.
  • A detailed report of each workout.
  • Track distance, calories, running speed, and save reports.
  • Built-in pedometer and calorie counter.

8. 5K Runner by Fitness22

One of the best mobile running apps, officially awarded and recommended by the doctors of the international association. The app is intended for beginners who dream of learning how to run and run their first 5 km.

For training, special programs have been drawn up to alternate walking and running under the guidance of an audio trainer. It is enough to plug in your headphones and run 3 times a week for half an hour. The program is designed for 2 months, after which you should easily run 5 km. You can run on the track or in the open air. The application runs in the background, so you can listen to music in parallel.

Users highly rated the application, but some note periodic errors in its operation, for example, while listening to music, sound prompts may not work. But overall, the app is great and really effective for those who dream of learning how to run.

App Specifications:

  • Instructor-led training.
  • Ready-made lesson plans for 2 months.
  • Calculation of distance and calories.
  • Training report and data storage in history.
  • Training statistics.
  • Fitness workout plans.

9. Sports Tracker by Amer Sports Digital

sports fitness apps

One of the most downloaded mobile apps for running in terms of the number of downloads, you can not only track statistics, but also create routes, create workout schedules, and share results in the community.

In addition to running, Sports Tracker allows you to select cycling, skiing, and other activities during which it takes into account specific data and calorie consumption. The application has a convenient workout diary with graphs and detailed statistics for each activity, which includes data on speed, pace, calories burned, distance, and much more. Feature of the app are heatmaps for any sport. Also here you can download ready-made routes for any part of the world and upload your own.

Users love the functionality as well as the inspiring design of the app. Despite the fact that many are unhappy with the latest updates, the tracker accurately calculates the distance and speed of movement and does not require an Internet connection.

App Features:

  • Beautiful design.
  • A workout diary with a huge number of functions.
  • Support for any music application.
  • Dark theme.
  • Detailed statistics for each workout.
  • The ability to lay routes and use someone else’s.
  • International community.

Did you already use any of the apps on this list? Please share your experience with others in the comments below.


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