10 Best Patchwork Tattoos, Celebrity Ink Ideas You Will Love

Patchwork tattoos are becoming popular due to their distinct and unique design. They are created by combining different tattoos on the body. For instance, 3 or 4 different small tattoos can be inked spaced apart to make one larger tattoo.

What you actually do in a patchwork tattoo is, finding a suitable tattoo idea and inking it in the place where it fits the most. You then add more tattoos big or small, around the first one making sure all the tattoos are in the right place. The result is a cluster of tattoos instead of one large cohesive one covering the entire area.

If you are looking for a role model in patchwork tattoos, no problem, as a lot of popular celebrities have inked them already. For instance, the widely celebrated singer Halsey (Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) has got a number of them. She has over 29 known tattoos.

We previously talked about 10 gorgeous tattoos with great meanings. This time it’s all about Patchwork tattoos. So, are you looking forward to getting your first patchwork tattoo? At ListPink, we have collected 15 gorgeous ones for you starting with Hasley’s The Little Prince book theme tattoo on her thigh.


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