Gorgeous Yoga Suits For Women: 12 of The Best on ExParis

Looking for something original in sportswear? Check out these stylish fitness and yoga suits and jumpsuits that will help you diversify your wardrobe and make a splash in your yoga and gym. We offer you an excellent collection of top models of fitness suits and overalls from ExParis.

#1 This Beautiful Gradient Pattern Yoga Suit

yoga suit for women

This seamless fitness and yoga set with a trendy ombre effect not only looks beautiful but also has a slight slimming effect. Includes a comfortable top with removable cups and high-waisted leggings that can be worn together or separately.

In the reviews, buyers noted the good quality of the product and an excellent fit. In a suit, you can practice in the gym, since the fabric does not shine through, stretches well, looks as bright as in the photo. The suit looks beautiful on any figure, highlighting its best sides.

Suit Features:

  • Material: Spandex
  • Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
  • Sport Type: Yoga, Gym
  • Pattern Type: Gradient
  • Feature: Anti-Pilling, Wrinkle-free, Breathable
  • Color: Red, Green, Gray, Pink, Orange
  • Fit: True to size

#2 This Elastic Tight Jumpsuit For Gym and Yoga

jumpsuit bodysuit yoga women

This tight black jumpsuit made of elastic fabric is great and comfortable for strength training, fitness, and yoga. The fabric with a light compression effect tightens and supports the chest well during sports. The jumpsuit looks stylish not only in the gym but also as casual wear.

The fabric is dense, does not show through, and stretches very well. When buying, take one size up, otherwise, the jumpsuit may be tight in the chest.

Suit Features:

  • Material: Cotton+Polyester
  • Suit type: Jumpsuit
  • Best suited for: Yoga, Gym
  • Shipped from: US, CN
  • Fit: True to size

#3 Elegant Floral Print 2 Piece Yoga and Gym Suit

womens sportware yoga suit

A beautiful and unusual sports suit for fitness with a boho-style ornament that appeals to lovers of yoga and Pilates. A set of a halter top and high-waisted leggings that beautifully flatter the figure and is good for stretching, yoga, and gymnastics. 

Customers noted the excellent quality of tailoring, fabrics used, the color scheme, making the suit look elegant. The tight elastic waistband on the leggings tightens the waist, making it more expressive. The same elastic band on the bottom of the top supports the chest.

Suit Features:

  • Material: Polyester+Cotton
  • Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
  • Pattern Type: Print
  • Permeability: Breathable
  • Elasticity: High
  • Season: Spring, Summer

#4 New Surfing-style Yoga and Gym Jumpsuit

womens jumpsuit for women yoga

This ultra-trendy fitness surfer-style jumpsuit is perfect for strength training and fitness. The fabric stretches well and dries quickly after washing. The suit looks lively and fits extremely well. Although the fabric is thin, and for a purpose, it doesn't show-through even during extreme stretches. As for the two color schemes,  the vibrant color panels make the suit look gorgeous and sporty. Suit Features:

  • Material: Polyester+Spandex
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth
  • Fit Type: Skinny
  • Length: Full Length
  • Decoration: Striped
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Style: Sport

#5 This Sexy Buckle Open Back Bodycon Jumpsuit

womens yoga jumpsuits swimwear

This bright jumpsuit is perfect for cycling and strength training as well as meditation and yoga. It features contrasting stripes that accentuate the figure.

The woven fabric is great in density, elasticity, and texture. Besides its good-looking appearance, the suit also is extremely comfortable for the gym and yoga.

Suit Features:

  • Material: Polyester+Spandex
  • Type: Jumpsuit
  • Fabric Type: Woven
  • Pattern Type: Patchwork
  • Fit Type: Skinny
  • Decoration: Hollow Out
  • Colors: Blue, Black
  • Sizes: S,M,L
  • Season: Summer


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