Which tea is allowed during pregnancy?

Drink tea (symbolic image): Pregnant women can optimally cover their increased fluid needs with plenty of water and tea.

Drink tea (symbolic image): Pregnant women can optimally cover their increased fluid needs with plenty of water and tea. (Source: jeffbergen/getty-images-bilder)

Many drinks can be risky for pregnant women – including certain types of tea. We clarify which ones you should be careful with.

The nettle is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is known for its health-promoting properties. Nettle tea is particularly popular and can be used as a home remedy not only for bladder infections due to its diuretic effect .The tea is also used against skin imperfections and for stomach and menstrual problems. Nettle tea is also said to have a detoxifying effect.

It is better to avoid nettle tea during pregnancy

During pregnancy , many women are looking for natural products to get rid of water retention. However, the consumption of nettle tea is considered controversial.

According to Stiftung Warentest , you should therefore avoid nettle tea:

  • if you are pregnant,
  • if you have heart or kidney failure,
  • if you are diabetic or have an allergic reaction (e.g. skin irritation or an irritated stomach).

The safety of this type of tea for pregnant women has not been clearly proven. As a precaution, experts advise against teas with nettles. For example, they could irritate the intestines due to their laxative effect.

Another argument that speaks against consuming nettle tea during pregnancy: Many pregnant women complain of restlessness and insomnia after drinking nettle tea. It is also better to avoid it while breastfeeding. There is a risk that the medicinal plant will inhibit milk production.

Alternatives to nettle tea for expectant mothers

The types of tea that pregnant women can drink alternatively include chamomile tea, fennel tea, rooibos tea and peppermint tea . But it remains important: only drink herbal teas in moderation – that is, one to two cups a day – and change the types regularly.


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