WhatsApp Testing Data Migration Between iOS and Android

Now it will be easier to transfer the conversation history on WhatsApp. All because the company is finally testing cross OS data transfer compatibility.

WhatsApp on iOS stores history on iCloud, and on Android uses Google Drive. This means that migrating data from one system to another is difficult and requires external software.

whatsapp android ios migration

Now, however, WhatsApp may change things a bit. The company is testing a way that will allow users to transfer their entire history between devices on different systems.

This is another step in creating a kind of universal WhatsApp. The application is supposed to work on several devices at the same time. This in turn means it will be possible to synchronize data between, for example, a personal computer, an iOS device and one that uses Android.

Of course, this information is not officially confirmed yet. So we are probably talking about internal testing. It will definitely take a while before we hear a official announcement.

WhatsApp, is also looking to tweak around deleted messages. In the near future, you may be able to retrieve messages you accidently deleted. Also, in the desktop version, the application has the long-awaited function of making voice and video calls .


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