Top 40 Cross Tattoo Ideas: Egyptian Cross, Ankh, Celtic, Latin

Cross tattoo ideas are among some of the most classic motifs. Thinking of a cross, we immediately jump to relate it to Christianity right? However, a cross tattoo can have a lot of symbolism to it than what we already know. These meanings are associated with the type, design, and even the direction of the symbol.

Celebrities Wearing Cross Tattoos

As with everyone else, cross tattoos are popular among celebrities. Demi Lovato, Nicky Hilton, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and Rihanna are some of the top stars wearing at least one cross tattoo.

Different Cross Tattoos & Their Meanings

Associating a cross tattoo with Christianity is, in fact, more than correct. After all, the symbol plays a central role as in the Bible and the Catholic Church. However, as I mentioned above, the symbol also represents other cultures, traditions, and religions in history. A modified form or the cross, for instance, also known as ANKH is historically associated with ancient Egypt. Below are the different forms of the symbol, what it represents, and the meaning behind it:

Christian Cross & The Latin Cross

The Christian cross, as we all know, represents the event when Jesus Christ was nailed to wooden beams made in the form of the cross for crucifixion. Since then, the symbol represents Christianity, Catholicism, and the Church.

In classic Latin cross, the horizontal line represents the earth, the vertical line represents the sky and the connection between heaven and earth.

Because, both the Christianity Cross and Latin cross look similar, we would deal them separately when it comes to body ink.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic druids saw the cross as a symbol of eternity. The four ends of the cross were symbolized with the four elements fire, water, earth, and air.

Inverted Cross

When the cross tattoo is upside down, it is often associated with occultism and the inversion of Christian values. In the modern understanding, many even attribute it to satanism, i.e. devil worship. It is known to others as the Cross of Peter; the name derives from the biblical story of the apostle Peter, who asked for the cross to be upside down at his crucifixion.

The Egyptian Cross (Ankh)

The ancient Egyptian cross looks a bit like a key with its top edge curved and folded. The Egyptians represented life and rebirth with their cross.

The Swastika

This cross is an important symbol among Hindus and represents good luck, health, and prosperity. It is important to know the difference between the Nazi party symbol with is at a 45-degree angle, while the swastika is straight.

The Iron Cross

The square cross with pointed corners was originally a Prussian war decoration. But this special cross was also used as a military symbol in the Third Reich and therefore has a rather questionable meaning today. Besides all these meanings, cross tattoos can be inked in a variety of ways. Colorful, monochromatic, decorated with flowers, the options are diverse. Check these cross great tattoo ideas and see how different people have modified, and decorated them with their creativity.


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