This African Teenager Builds His Own Car Just Under $200

Children in rich countries are born inside luxury cars but in poor countries, they are not as privileged. Now we are talking not only about expensive restomods and beautifully restored classics_a privilege that people in the Western world can afford. P

Teenagers in underprivileged countries, however, don’t have the option of dreaming of a car for example_to have one, you have to build one.

YouTuber Drew Binsky has set himself the goal of visiting every country on earth and inspiring young people to travel, breaking stereotypes that the world is unsafe. He shot a new video on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana.

The 11-minute clip tells the story of “a truly inspiring teenager named Kelvin. He built a car made entirely of scrap metal. The young master spent only 200 dollars on the material. At the same time, his machine works

From A to Z, it took Kelvin about three years to create the car. He started with a tubular structure used as a base and then added a suspension that uses motorcycle components. The body is made from old container panels, and power is supplied from the motorcycle engine. The cabin even has a working audio system.

The author of the video emphasizes that most car enthusiasts can draw inspiration from Kelvin. Calvin is just a young guy who simply loves what he does.


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