Just How Expensive is the Most Expensive Handbag in 2021?

The luxury Italian brand Boarini Milanesi has released a bag that journalists recognize as the most expensive in the world. The Daily Mail reports.

This is a Parva Mea bag in crocodile skin with 10 white gold butterflies, which are set with diamonds, sapphires, and tourmalines. The total weight of the precious stones is over 130 carats. In addition, the item has a pavé diamond clasp.

most expensive handbag 2021
Boarini Milanesi

According to the material, there will be only three luxury bags on sale, each of which requires a thousand hours of work. The cost of the item will be 5.3 million pounds (534 million rubles).

It is noted that the brand will donate 711 thousand pounds (71 million rubles) from the sale of each bag to organizations whose activities are aimed at clearing the seas of plastic.

According to co-founder Matteo Milanesi, the bag is a tribute to his father, whom he lost as a teenager.

Boarini Milanesi expensive handbag (1)
Boarini Milanesi

When creating the accessory, the designers were also inspired by the memories of the time spent at sea. They decided to create a bag to draw attention to environmental protection.

Earlier in July, the luxury brand’s bag set a world record for the most expensive at auction. It was reported that the Hermes Diamond Himalaya Birkin 25 bag made of Nile crocodile skin, covered with 18-carat white gold and diamonds, left the tray for 300 thousand dollars (22 million rubles).


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