Stop Hair Loss, Grow New Hair, All The Effective Ways Revealed

Hair is one of the most important elements of a person’s beauty. It adds attractiveness and self-confidence. While hair is a strength, it can also a become a weakness at some point. It can turn thinner, become weaker, and also fall off. So, what if you start losing your precious hair? How to stop hair loss, grow strong and healthy ones?

In this Chlorine post, we will discuss all the ways to salvage this precious element of beauty.

Excessive Hair Loss? Visit a Doctor

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If you are losing more than 100 hair a day, consult a dermatologist or trichologist who can help find the cause of the problem. Hair loss may be the result of a history of illness, stress, anemia, inadequate diet, certain medications, and genetics (e.g. cytostatic, immunosuppressants, vitamin A, β-blockers).

Systemic diseases that can lead to hair loss include: thyroid disease, diabetes, cancer, and scalp diseases (psoriasis, mycosis, seborrheic dermatitis). In women after childbirth or during the menopause, hair loss may be caused by disorders of the hormonal balance.

Stop Hair Loss: Give up Sugar

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Do you eat fast food and drink hectoliters of coffee, which hinders the absorption of iron and zinc? No wonder your strands have become thin and brittle.

Another enemy of healthy hair is alcohol, which not only rinses nutrients from the body, but also dries out the scalp and hair shaft.

And how about sugar? Unfortunately, chocolate bars, wafers and and other sugary treats affect not only weight, but they are also responsible for oily scalp and dandruff.

Food For Healthy, Strong Hair

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From now on, products rich in vitamins and minerals should appear on your plate. First of all, oily sea fish, such as herring, mackerel or salmon, which are a good source of omega-3 acids, proteins, amino acids, and vitamins: A and D.

Another ingredient that determines the appearance of our hairstyle is iron – an element that strengthens the hair structure . Its deficiency not only means that the brush is cleaned more often, but can also contribute to anemia (anemia).

The best source of iron are products of animal origin, which provide the so-called heme iron with the bioavailability of about 40 percent. Include turkey, lean beef and offal in your diet.

Biotin Alone May be Insufficient

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Before you reach for dietary supplements, look for vitamins on your plate. Biotin (vitamin H), which is an energy stimulus for hair growth, is found in yeast, milk and liver. Very important for the proper functioning of keratinocytes, i.e. the cells that build the hair shaft – vitamin B5 is present in the liver, egg yolks and bee products.

The condition of our hair, skin and nails is also influenced by the vitamins of youth: A, C and E. Look for them in green, red and orange vegetables and fruits. One more thing: replace your daily espresso with horsetail tea, a precious source of silicon.

Reduce Smoking or Quit Altogether

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Smoking is not only responsible for cancer, heart attacks, respiratory diseases or faster aging of the body. Nicotine also has an effect on hair loss. It causes vasoconstriction, which leads to a reduced release of oxygen in the tissues and their insufficient nutrition. As a result of smoking, our hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.

Keep a Lighter Hand on Styling

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If your hair is falling off your head, make changes to your daily care as soon as possible! And we are not only about using professional shampoos for hair loss, but also about giving up invasive care treatments such as coloring, decolorization or extensions.

At home, avoid hot styling with a straightener or curling iron and forget about silicone shampoos that dry your hair. Let your makeup bag contain natural oils: argan, coconut, jojoba, which will restore your hairstyle to its former shine.

Grandma’s Old Recipes Can Help

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In the fight against hair loss, it is worth using the home methods that our grandmothers used. You can apply a mixture of beaten eggs on wet hair or prepare a gel mask of linseed.

The scalp massage with the addition of castor oil, which, in addition to vitamin E, contains fatty acids that stimulate hair growth will bring equally good results. If you want to give your scalp and hair an injection of silicon, use horsetail rinses and rubs.

Reduce Stress Levels to the Minimum

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Stress is the most common cause of hair problems. Living under the influence of incessant nerves causes the hair follicles to go from development to resting state. As a result, they stop growing and their loss increases. How to counteract it? It’s best to find an activity that will effectively calm your mind. Maybe yoga, meditation or running?

Avoid Excessive Exposure to The Sun

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We all love summer, but our hair doesn’t like it. High temperature, harsh sun rays, wind, and during a vacation sea salt and sand – all this adversely affects their condition. If you want to protect yourself against hair loss and stress in summer, use protective cosmetics with UV filters and wear fashionable hats.

Carboxytherapy: The Last Resort

What if supplementation, diet and proper care do not help? You can always turn to a specialist for help and try one of the specialized treatments.

Carboxytherapy, i.e. the injection of the scalp with carbon dioxide, is designed to improve the process of creating new capillaries, which significantly improves the blood supply to the skin. As a result, the hair not only stops falling out, but also begins to grow new, thicker and stronger.

Another recommended procedure is mesotherapy, during which platelet-rich plasma is administered.



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