SpaceX’s Satrship Explodes Cold! What’s Next for the Mars Mission?

SpaceX’s Starship prototype MK1 just failed a deep freeze test in Florida_ A cryogenic test conducted to analyze the performance of the vehicle in the unforgiving extreme cold temperatures of the cosmos.

The cold explosion, in fact, didn’t even resemble a big failure let alone a disaster. It actually was a tanking test where the MK1’s torso was being filled with liquid nitrogen. During the process, the lid went flying in the air with a small explosion leaving a dent on the tank itself.

Whether this was one of the possible outcomes of the test or a highly unexpected failure, it left millions around the globe talking SpaceX the entire day. This was a clear indication of how curious and enthusiastic we have become about the revolutionary steps Elon Musk is taking. This also shows that with Elon’s SpaceX, we are optimistic like never before to see the first human on the red planet.

What’s next for SpaceX?

Well, this is not even the right question at the right time. SpaceX is where it was the day before_ maybe even a step ahead with this new test. it’s just the classical way news channels create a sensation. And it’s really hard to tell YouTubers, TV channels, and tech site authors to calm down.

When I first received the breaking news from a well-reputed news channel, I immediately prayed for the safety of the crew onboard. I thought here we go, this crazy entrepreneur secretly tried to send humans to Mars and in the process, blew them up in mid-air. Man! Why would you term the event, which otherwise was a simple prototype test a disaster?

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk was quick to answer to a YouTuber (a cool-headed one) in this tweet.

What exactly is the SpaceX’s Starship?

Starship is SpaceX’s to-be-crowned super heavy fully reuseable launch vehicle meant to transport cargo and crew to Earth orbit, Moon, and Mars. It is a massive rocket tipped with a spacecraft. Once launched, the starship with a gross liftoff mass of 3 billion kgs will be the World’s biggest and most powerful vehicle ever launched.


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