Test Your Knowledge About Life on Earth, An Interesting Quiz

When did life appear on Earth? Are there organisms that do not need oxygen to survive? Who is the chimpanzee most closely related to? Check what you know about life on our planet and how much you know its secrets. Test your basic knowledge of life on earth with this brief quiz.

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    When did the life on Earth Start?

    • 60 milllion years ago.
    • 300 million years ago.
    • 4 billion years ago.
    • 13 billion years ago.
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    Where in plants does the photosynthesis take place?

    • In chloroform.
    • In chlorophyll.
    • In chloroplasts.
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    Which organisms on the list are not oxygen-dependent?

    • Mushrooms.
    • Sea cucumber.
    • Corals.
    • Bacteria and archaea.
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    When did the first vertebrates appear on Earth?

    • 95 thousand years ago.
    • 50 million years ago.
    • 525 million years ago.
    • 650 million years ago.
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    In the Devonian period (419.2 – 358.9 million years) most vertebrates developed jaws. Which of the following vertebrates still don’t have jaws?

    • Lampreys
    • Carps
    • Snakes
    • Stingrays
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    What does a DNA carry?

    • Oxygen
    • Water
    • Genetic information
    • Iron
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    How has the human body changed since after switching from hunting and gathering to agriculture and livestock?

    • Our bodies have not changed.
    • Our bodies have grown larger.
    • Our bodies have gotten smaller.
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    The appearance of wings in birds and bats, or fins in fish-like species, dolphins and penguins are examples of..

    • Adaptive convergence
    • Ontogenesis
    • Gradation of phenotypic traits
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    40 million years ago, the first representatives of the great apes experienced:

    • Increase in manual skills (the ability to manufacture tools).
    • Increase the size of the head.
    • A brain processing visual and auditory information has emerged.
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    Who is the chimpanzee most closely related to?

    • Guerilla.
    • Orangutan.
    • Humans.
    • Lemur.
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    What is the name of the most famous Australopithecus fossil found in Ethiopia?

    • Anna
    • Lucy
    • Austra
    • Mary
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    What is the name of the most primitive homo species?

    • Homo habilis
    • Homo labilis
    • Neanderthal
    • Homo erectus


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