Make a Combination of Black and White (6/7)

greenpoint sweter o prostym kroju z blyszczaca nitka

Only a small group of women can boast of perfect proportions. Ladies whose upper and lower body slightly differ in size should use the power of white, black, and patterns. 

If we want to distract from broad hips – we should frame the bottom with a dark and uniform color. Leave the top bright or even patterned – this trick will easily transfer attention to the shoulders, cleavage, and bust. 

The same rule applies to women with a silhouette of an inverted triangle or a rose, who want to add a little volume at the bottom and even out the proportions – the smooth, darker, and neutral color of the blouse and a patterned skirt or light pants are in motion. 

Let’s remember – the claim that blackness from head to toe makes you slimmer is a stereotype that will only add years and sadness.

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