IP7 Touch Screen Fitness Monitor Unisex Smart Watch

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The most popular and inexpensive model

Multifunctional watch in a stylish minimalistic design. The square display looks sporty and the multi-colored straps let you choose the perfect one for you. The model provides many useful functions, both for sports and for everyday life, for example, reminders, notifications, monitoring of physical activity, and health status. A feature of the watch is complete water resistance so that you can not remove it while swimming in the pool.

Users liked the look of the watch and the functionality that corresponds to the stated in the specifications. The big advantage is that the watch keeps a charge for up to 7 days. But the model also has disadvantages: a square screen, which is much smaller than a large rectangular display, and the watch cannot be immersed in hot or warm water.

Main features:

  • Steps, distance, calorie counter.

  • Training modes (walking, running, cycling, team sports, swimming).

  • Pulsometer and tonometer.

  • Measurement of blood oxygen levels.

  • Alarm clock.

  • Social media notifications.

  • Smartphone camera and player control.

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