8 Small Space Living Hacks, DIY Tricks to Make More Space

Shoes are piled up loosely in the hallway, suitcases and sports bags are lying around, vacuum cleaners, sleeping bags, and wool blankets are barely stowed away in some free corner. The work surface of the kitchen unit is so full and overloaded that it doesn’t really deserve its name.

You bring in some stuff and chaos follows, that’s the trouble with small apartments. “My apartment is just too tiny and I can’t throw it all away!” This complaint can often be heard from residents when it comes to decluttering.

If the option of moving into a bigger apartment is not on your table, you still can work around this problem. You can create extra space by using some simple but genius and creative hacks.

In this DIYmam post, we are going to talk about 8 such awesome ideas to make any small apartment more spacious.

A Walk in Closet Makes Big Difference

A generous wardrobe in the hallway offers plenty of storage space for clothes, bed linen, towels, sleeping bags, and other things. Walk-in closets are a space-creating variant. Such a cabinet can turn an entire, otherwise useless, wall into useful space. The cupboard can be designed with shelves, clothes rails, and prefabricated containers.

In addition to clothing, there is also space for other bulky items in a walk-in closet. The Christmas decorations, a camping tent, or other things that are rarely needed can then be stowed on shelves that can only be reached with the ladder.

Closing the Gaps in Small Kitchen

.In addition to the necessary appliances such as an oven or refrigerator, a lot has to fit into a kitchen. It also has to have enough space for storage. If there is not enough floor space, it is best to plan upwards with tall and wall cabinets as well as shelving systems.

In small kitchens, additional space can be gained by closing the gap between the upper cabinets and the ceiling with additional cabinets.

You don’t have to balance on the stool to get hold of dishes or spices, explains the working group Die Moderne Küche. There are better solutions like pull-out systems that can be pulled down and objects can be easily accessed. So-called telescopic shelves extend out of the wall cabinet by remote control.

Our tip: If you do not use pull-out systems, you always need a step or a ladder to reach the upper shelves. Then this storage space is only suitable for things that are not used regularly, such as fondue or raclette dishes, electric grill, large pots, and pans, or the baking machine.

Extendable Corner Cabinets

Extra storage space can also be created in blind spots, for example with retractable corner cabinets. From classic carousel fittings to height-adjustable pull-out shelves that swivel completely out of the corner cabinet when the cabinet door is opened, you can look into a variety of options.

Last but not least, the color and light design in small kitchens is even more important. Because what is bright visually looks bigger.

Foldable & Extendable Tables

For small L-shaped or hose kitchens, tables that can be folded out or pulled out from under the worktop are advisable. The folding table is a real space-saving miracle. Because only when you really need it does it show itself in all its greatness.

Otherwise, it is discreetly folded and waits for its use. An extendable table is similarly space-saving. The advantage: You don’t have to do without a dining table entirely, but you can temporarily shorten it on one or both sides.

Our tip: if you have a long, narrow, and tubular room, it is advisable to attach a wider console to the wall – for a cozy counter atmosphere.

Small Bathroom, Big Impact

Even a tiny bathroom offers plenty of opportunities to get the most out of the room. For example, larger tiles stretch the room, oversized mirrors convey a feeling of depth and the space under the vanity top offers additional storage space.

Old Door Frame to Shoe Rack

In small, narrow corridors, in particular, former door frames that are fitted with a few shelves offer storage space and shelves for a wide variety of things. That could be shoes, but also books.

Our tip: If you paint the shelves in different colors, you can also spice up the white door frames.

Use Thin Air With a Loft Bed

The space under the bed can also serve as storage space for sleeping bags, air mattresses, wool blankets, or rarely used clothing. In addition to classic bed boxes under the bed, a loft bed can also be set up insufficiently high apartments.

The space under the loft bed is ideal for a couch or a desk. Shelves directly above the rubbing strip offer space for books, magazines, and CDs. In low rooms, sideboards and shelves should only reach waist height. This makes the room look bigger.

Our tip: If you want to visually separate the room, choose a free-standing bookcase without a back wall.

Keep Things Tidy, Decorate Sparingly

But in a small apartment with little storage space, one thing is particularly important: keeping things tidy. Because: the more cramped the living space, the more important it is to clean up regularly. Decoration should be used sparingly. The more little things lying around or standing around, the more restless and uncomfortable the apartment appears to guests.


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