Select the Right Perfume: 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Choice

How to select the right perfume? The answer to this simple question will help you choose the right fragrance that doesn’t smell differently later at home. After all, no one wants to pay for a smell that he/she won’t be willing to use.

Please note that this article doesn’t help with choosing what perfume suits you. These perfume selection tips will help you identify the true smell of perfume before making a purchase.

Chlorine has figured out 5 ways to make the right choice. Follow these simple principles to grab the right product.

1. Select The Right Perfume: Stop After Three Tests

We cannot smell more than three perfumes at a time. With more scents, our senses simply begin to fade away. Smelling coffee beans or menthol won’t help either, as previously thought. The simple reason is, both methanol and coffee beans are fragrances as well. So, to select the right scent, give yourself a break after testing at most 3 perfumes.

2. Select the Right Perfume: A Shallow and Quick Breath

Seems weird but smelling perfume with a shallow and quick breath gives a better identification.

3. Test the Perfume on Your Skin

Perfumes should be smelled on our own skin, not on paper strips, which are often available in perfumeries or on the bottle cap. After all, it is about checking how the scent will present in combination with the natural scent of our body.

4. Test The Scent Outside the Store

It is best to smell the perfume outside of the store. The simple reason is, the air inside the perfume shop is usually fragrant.

5. Allow the Scent to Settle on

It’s worth asking for perfume samples or sprinkling yourself with your dream fragrance and going through the next few stores on the list. Only when the scent settles on us a bit will we know how it works.

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6. Perfume Stays Longer

Finally – as a bonus tip to make any perfume stay longer.

Dry skin absorbs oily substances faster and makes perfumes more volatile. That is why it is worth moisturizing the skin beforehand.

Do you have any additional tricks that help make the right choice? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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