Right Yoga Equipment: 10 At-home Yoga & Workout Accessories

To perform effective yoga, the right yoga equipment is a complete necessity. The old philosophical teaching from India combines techniques on a physical, emotional, and mental level that create a connection between body and mind. Yoga creates balance, freedom and strengthens the muscles at the same time.

The combination of postures and meditation exercises enables a beneficial, positive effect on the entire body.

So that you can start skilfully with the right yoga accessories, t-online has consulted a yoga expert Emily. She gives tips on choosing the right yoga accessories and presents recommended products for basic equipment.

Basic Equipment: The Yoga Mat

Tips from the expert: The optimal yoga mat should be thin and non-slip. Thicker mats are not yoga mats, but fitness mats. These mats are sufficient if you want to try out whether yoga is right for you first. However, they make the exercises more difficult, as thicker mats make it more strenuous to keep your balance – the balance is disturbed.

If you are pleased, the expert recommends choosing thin, non-slip yoga mats. The accessory favorites of the expert Kati Degenhardt include these two models:

The Premium Model: Professional Yoga Mat

The yoga mat from JadeYoga is one of the most popular models on the market and impresses with its non-slip properties. It consists of 100 percent natural rubber and has a cotton layer for stabilization.

The JadeYoga yoga mat is particularly hard-wearing and is therefore suitable for quieter yoga styles, for example, Anusara, Hatha, or Iyengar. Its dimensions are 173 x 61 x 0.5 centimeters.

By the way: Thanks to the partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold, up to now over 1.5 million.

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The Entry-level Model: Manduka Yoga Mat

The yoga mat Begin by Manduka with its grippy texture is also ideal for yoga exercises. It weighs only about one kilogram and is a light, thin and portable travel mat specially designed for beginners.

The Manduca yoga mat has alignment strips on the surface. These strips are used for correct positioning on the mat. The closed-cell surface also prevents sweat from penetrating the mat. The dimensions are 172.7 x 61 x 0.5 centimeters.

Basic Equipment: The Yoga Blocks

Tips from the expert: Yoga blocks are also suitable for beginners and are therefore an important part of the basic equipment. They offer assistance and make many exercises easier. You can also help expand your workout.

There are yoga blocks made of wood, cork, plastic or yoga pillows. These differ in weight, but also in terms of sustainability.

 Set of 2 Yoga Blocks For Support

The yoga blocks from Amityunion are stable, compact, and sustainable, made from 100 percent natural cork without chemicals and plasticizers. The blocks are versatile for many exercises and can be used in both portrait and landscape formats.

Each of the blocks can withstand a bodyweight of up to 150 kilograms due to its high stability. The dimensions are 22.5 x 12 x 7.5 centimeters. There is also a training booklet made from recycled paper with over 20 exercises and step-by-step instructions.

Basic Equipment: The Yoga Belt

Tips from the expert: Like the blocks, yoga straps are a good aid for holding the positions and increasing the intensity. Yoga straps support stretching and improve posture during exercise.

For Intensive Yoga Practice: Premium Yoga Belt

The premium yoga belt from aGreenie is made of 100 percent cotton and is completely plastic-free. With a length of 240 centimeters and two sturdy D-rings, the belt is ideal for demanding yoga exercises.

raining with a yoga belt improves and intensifies yoga practice and, for example, deepens stretching in a gentle way.

Accessories for an Improved Yoga Practice

Tips from the expert: In addition to the most important yoga accessories, there are other yoga products that are not necessarily part of the basic equipment.

For example, they can be replaced by a yoga mat and rolled towels. When practicing the headstand, please make sure that yoga beginners should only practice this under supervision.

Yoga Headstand Stool For Stability

The headstand stool from Siya was awarded the Green Product Award. The vegan stool is made of FSC-certified wood. For the production, among other things, old fishing nets and foam were recycled.

The ergonomically rounded handles protect the wrists during training and the padding is comfortable. The yoga headstand stool offers stability during the headstand and is gentle on the neck.

The stool is available in three colors and in two versions each: One for the headstand on the wall. This variant is recommended for the start. The second variant is free-standing, here you have more freedom of movement and even acrobatic exercises are possible.

The scope of delivery also includes a poster with lots of exercise suggestions for at home.

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Yoga Pillows For Relaxed Meditation

With the yoga cushion from Lotuscraft, you are guaranteed to find the optimal sitting position for relaxed meditation. The seat height is 15 centimeters. The cover is made of cotton and is washable. The yoga cushion is provided with the GOTS seal. This guarantees the controlled organic cultivation of the cotton, environmentally friendly dyeing as well as fair and safe working conditions. The meditation cushion for relaxed yoga classes is available in different colors.

How to find the right meditation pillow: Your pillow should be at least six inches high if you are tall and inflexible. Even if you are prone to circulatory problems during meditation, you should reach for a higher pillow. The meditation cushion relieves the back and relieves breathing thanks to the slightly elevated sitting position.


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