Flow Max Dual Brass Swivel Ball Faucet Aerator


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Note: How to Choose FM22 and M24 Aerator?
Please check your faucet tap size and thread before you place the order.
If your faucet thread is female thread(thread is inside), please choose our 24mm male thread aerator(M24). 24mm Male Thread Aerator(M24) will fit your Female Thread Faucet Tap(The female thread diameter on your faucet is approximated 23.5-24mm actual measurement).
If your faucet thread is male thread(thread is outside), please choose our 22mm female thread aerator. 22mm Female Thread Aerator will fit your Male Thread Faucet Tap(The Male Thread Diameter on your Faucet is approximated 21.5-22mm actual measurement).

Dual function faucet bubbler
(1)Powerful rinse spray features,Increase the pressure,stronger cleaning effect, fast cleaning and time saving
(2)Creates a bubble-like effect by getting enough oxygen, prevent water splashing, suitable for washing vegetables, fruits, etc

360-Degree Swivel Freely
High quality 360 degree rotating solid brass swivel ball,It is convenient to clean every corner of the sink,Humanized design to adapt to a variety of sink activities, allowing you free control, simple cleaning

High Quality Materials Ensure Durability

Samodra faucet bubbler is made of high-quality brass and high-quality ABS plastic. It is durable and chrome plated to effectively resist daily rust and corrosion.

(1)Combine air with water to make the water soft, prevent splashing, and water saving 40%~70% compared with ordinary faucet aerator.
(2)Samotra faucet bubbler built-in filter, can filter most of the sediment, lime and other impurities, to your health add a protection



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