Oscars 2021: Formal Attire, No Banquette, This Gala is Different

Oscars is definitely an event that the entire movie world waits for. Usually, the gala used to be held in February at the Dolby Theater. However, due to the pandemic, the 93rd academy award will be held on April 25th at Union Station in Los Angeles instead.

During the Golden Globe Awards, many stars showed up in pajamas and loose, casual outfits, at the end of the day it’s your home and you are the boss. However, the casual outfits didn’t appeal this years Oscars organizers. So, organizers didn’t waste a chance in asking the guests to manage a more formal attire for the event.

Wonder what else is going to be different in this year’s big event? Here is all we know so far:

Oscars 2021. Formal Attire, No Banquette

The Oscars 2021 is expected to be significantly different from previous ones. In a letter to the nominees, the organizers asked for appropriate clothing. The guests are particularly asked to put an attire that displays inspiration and aspiration.

When it comes to the event itself, though stars will be able to present their creations on the red carpet, but the runway is going to be far short.

And munching after the gala, it’s absent this time. There will not be any banquettes either.

Health safety measures will be provided as on the film sets. Guests will also be able to take a covid-19 test on-site.

A third of this year’s total event budget will be spent on ensuring the safety measure amid the surging infections.

Mask Conditional, Short Guest List

Earlier this week, the film academy organizers and nominees met in a videoconference to discuss the details of the ceremony.

It is decided during the conference that participants are not required to put on a mask during the main event. However, masks will be put on during advertisement breaks.

As for the strength of the event, only 170 people will be attending the ceremony including nominees, their accompanying persons, and the stars presenting the statuettes.


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