Osama Drama Was a Semi Success, US Will Play Baghdadi in Iraq/Syria

Remember the operation by US Navy seals that killed someone in Abbottabad Pakistan back in 2011. Someone was surely killed but was that the history’s most wanted terrorist? Better challenge your common sense!

A person who headed the world’s most notorious and powerful terrorist organization would simply pack and move to a house near a military base in a country where he doesn’t have any power! Why leave Afghanistan where he had all the protection of his organization?

For the sack of argument, let’s say Osama was fed up with Aghanistan’s dry mountains and wanted to chill in the lush green terraces of Abbottabad. Why would you simply shoot and kill a terrorist who had the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands, who headed Al-Qaeda, knew every nut and bolt of the terror machine. He would be a great asset.  Why not capture him alive? After all, he was living in a single house with a couple of bodyguards holding some rusted AK-47s. Other than that, not a single supporter within a radius of a thousand kilometers.

So, what made the Navy seals shoot him in the head? I am sure there was no Saturn-5 rocket in the compound tipped with Osama, ready to blast into space.

Let’s try hard to make sense that he needed to be killed somehow. Where did the shootout video go? The ACH (Advanced combat helmet) of the navy seals has a front camera. It was supposed to capture every moment. Aha, maybe the helmets ran out of battery!

The final episode of the so badly played drama is hilarious! If you successfully terminate, I repeat again-The World’s most notorious terrorist you were after for a decade, destroyed a whole country, killed thousands, spent billions to chase. Rallied the whole world behind you, turned every stone to find him. Wouldn’t you proudly show the World his dead body at least? Instead, you prefer to give him a silent burial. And why would you burry Mr. Osama at the bottom of the ocean?? He didn’t use to eat yellowcake at lunch, he was not radioactive after all.

The answer to all these questions can only be answered by the seals who conducted the operation. But will they risk their lives to do so, are they even alive? A Chinook helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan the next day of the operation killed all 38 onboard including15 Navy SEALS from Team Six’s Gold Squadron which conducted the operation in Abbottabad.

US will Play Baghdadi in Iraq or Syria

If you are not a US citizen who is devoid of the correct information on purpose, you already know who created, funded and blatantly supported the Deash terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. Everything from airdropping weapons to the terrorist group, airlifting them, moving them around, ”mistakenly” bombing the forces who actually fought the terror outfit. I don’t want to talk in detail about everything here.

What I want to say however is, the desperate situation the US is in right now in the middle east, especially Syria and Iraq. I strongly suspect that within the next few days or maybe weeks, the US will fire another bombshell of lies as they did in the case of Bin Laden.

The U.S will probably announce that its forces in Iraq/Syria killed Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi-leader of the Daesh terrorist group. In the worst-case scenarios, you will at least hear the news that the US bombed a compound hosting Baghdadi with some of his supporters.

My prediction is based on the following developments:

  1. The US and its allies failed to topple the Syrian government.
  2. Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq came out victorious defeating all the terrorist groups supported by the US and allies.
  3. Iran gained more power in Iraq and Syria about which the US could do nothing.
  4. The U.S and allies beating the drums of war against Iran found themselves stuck, punctured the drums themselves, lost a high tech drone to the enemy and finally took a corner.
  5. Turkey defied us pressure, bought Russian S-400, attacked Kurds supported by the US.
  6. US backtracked on its support for the allied Kurds. Planned to move its forces to Iraq. Iraq refused to accept the deployment amid growing anger against the US in the country.
  7. The US received a barrage of criticism even from its allies on abandoning the Kurds.
  8. Russia played the game well, negotiated with Turks and stopped the Turkish offensive. Kurds thanked the Russians.
  9. Syrian Arab Army negotiated with SDF and took over the areas previously controlled by the U.S and allied Kurds (SDF).
  10. The US realized the blunder it made, backtracked on its decision to leave Syria. Announced redeployment of marines.
  11. Russia just announced that it has the knowledge of US smuggling Syrian oil.
  12. And finally, don’t forget the domestic audience, impeachment inquiry.

So, the thing is, the US is in its worst-ever standing in the Middle East, caught in deception, lies and failed politics. It is desperate to tell the world that it is there for good. And the only tool it has on its disposal at this moment is to play Baghdadi!


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