She Lost 126 Kg With This Old Chinese Herbal Drink

Ingredients / Supplies
To make the tea, you’ll need:

A combination of teas, Tim uses Pu-Erh and Sencha Green, but you can also use black teas like English Breakfast and Earl Grey.
You can also add Yerba Mate, Turmeric & Ginger, and any other tea you like. The point is to at least have some Black and some Green. I like Yerba Mate + Pu-Erh + Sencha
Grass-fed butter (Kerrygold is excellent)
Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

You’ll also need:

Some way to boil water (glass electric kettles are better than plastic)
A tea steeper (I like this one by Rishi, but there are plenty you can find on Amazon)
Something to mix the tea in (and possibly blend it)


First, boil ~1 Liter of water, and combine about 2tsp Pu-Erh, 1tsp Sencha, and 1tsp Yerba Mate in your steeper.
Second, brew the tea for ~1 minute. Once it’s done, pour the tea into your mixer / blender.
Third, start the next brewing with the rest of the water (same tea leaves, they can be infused multiple times).
Fourth, add 1tbsp butter and 1tbsp coconut oil to your mixer with the already-made tea.
Last, pour in the second infusion of the tea after it’s steeped for another minute, stir it all up (or blend it) and enjoy!


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