North Korea Lashes Out at US for Seizing Ship, Demands Return

Breakdown of events:

  • April 2018: US seized the North Korean Cargo ship named Wise Honest as it traveled towards Indonesia.
  • US alleged the coal ship violated international sanctions.
  • May 10, 2019: American officials announced the seizure soon after North Korea fired two short-range missiles towards the sea.
  • May 11, 2019: The ship was towed to the port of Pogo Pogo, American Samoa for inspections.
  • May 14, 2019: A spokesperson for the DPRK Foreign Ministry censured the US move and demanded the return of the vessel.

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US seizes North Korean Ship
The North Korean Coal Ship Wise Honest. File Photo

North Korea has lashed out at the US for seizing one of its ships calling the move against the spirit of the summit deal between the two countries.

A spokesperson for the foreign ministry said on Tuesday that seizing of the ship was an unlawful act and that the US should return the vessel immediately. The official also rejected UNSC resolutions against North Korea_ US cited to seize the vessel.

The United States committed an unlawful and outrageous act of dispossessing our cargo ship by forcibly taking it to Samoa (U.S.), linking the ship to the “sanctions resolutions” of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and its domestic “sanctions acts”, all being imposed against the DPRK. Said the spokesperson.

The foreign ministry lambasted at the US for its coercive actions, acts of intimidation and trying to impose domestic laws on foreign nations. The statement went on to say that America has violated the terms of the summit deal and is trying to bring DPRK to its knees by means of “maximum pressure”.  It also warned about the consequences of such moves on future developments.

The United States’ impudent act of forcing other countries into observance of its domestic law is indeed a wanton violation of the universally accepted international laws which make clear that in no case can a sovereign state be an object of jurisdiction of other countries.

The latest U.S. act constitutes an extension of the American method of calculation for bringing the DPRK to its knees by means of “maximum pressure” and an outright denial of the underlying spirit of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement that has committed to establish new bilateral relations. The statement said.

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This was for the first time America has seized a North Korean ship for alleged violation of sanctions. American officials backed the move by saying the action was necessary for the proper implementation of international sanction against the North.


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