6 Myths & Truths About Diet Vs Health, We Asked Professionals

There are many myths and superstitions about food and its effects on health. Popular weight loss myths like snacking at night results in weight gain and that working out in the morning is more effective than in the evening.

Chlorine has compiled a list of six such popular diets vs health myths and placed them in front of professionals for a fact check. Check out which ones are backed by science and which ones are mere myths.

1. Mint Chewing Gum For Stomach Pain

doesnt mint help with stomach ach

Research has shown that peppermint oils can relieve various stomach ailments. But Dr. Bauer of the Mayo Clinic is of the opinion that no mint chewing gum can relieve stomach pain.

The amount of mint in chewing gum is too small to have any effect, says Bauer.

Is there anything peppermint gum can treat? Of course – bad breath.

2. Nighttime Snacking Causes Weight Gain

late night snacking and weight loss-01

Many people firmly believe that eating after 6 p.m. is the fastest route to obesity, but that’s not true. Famous dietitian Keri Glassman explains says there is no truth behind this widely believed opinion.

The truth is if you eat more than what your body demands and late at night, you probably are going to gain some weight.

That’s not the actual time – it’s people who eat late at night putting on extra calories, says Keri.

It doesn’t matter if you eat the same meal at 6.00 or 22.00. You gain weight if you don’t burn off extra calories the next day.

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3. Coffee Treats Headaches

coffee for headach-01

You might have read the labels on some of the over-the-counter migraine medicines. Many of them have some caffeine content in them. So the theory that coffee can help relieve headaches definitely holds some truth.

Dr. Seth Roberts, the author of the Shangri-La Diet, believes that because caffeine regulates blood pressure, the method is definitely worth a try.

4. Diet Vs Health: You Lose Weight With Water

water for weight loss-01

It is popularly believed that drinking water with food, actually siping food can help lose weight. With the simple fact that you consume less food by adding water, you definitely avoid gaining extra weight or lose some.

5. Morning Exercises Are More Effective

morning exercises and evening workouts-01

Logically, it makes sense, but Nick D’Atellis, a private trainer at Reebok Sports Club in New York, doesn’t agree. Nick says it’s not about what time you chose to workout, as long as you do it regularly.

It doesn’t matter when you exercise, as long as you burn calories that you should get rid of. So choose any time according to your schedule and mood, and get to work. The most important thing is regularity.

6. Snacking is Good

casual snacking is good for health-01

You may think you are doing the right thing by starving yourself between meals. According to Keri, that’s not the right way to lose weight or staying healthy. Starving yourself between meals means you have a greater chance of over-eating on your next meal.

Snacking is good for your metabolism, keeps your blood sugar constant, and gives you energy. Not to mention preventing the plate from tossing as soon as the food is noticed, says Keri.

One thing to keep in mind is that the snacks should be light, healthy, and we don’t overdo it.


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