The Most Watched TV Series in 2020: Here are The Netflix Ten

Online entertainment, in one way or the other, gave us all the much-needed company in 2020. Between restrictions, closures, and travel bans, staying at home had often been a duty.

Among the things that helped us turn the otherwise to be, home-bound sickness, into non-stop entertainment was Netflix. And talking about Netflix and non-stop entertainment, nothing can match a good TV series.

As the pandemic is still raging on and restrictions are only getting worse, you may want to start a new series.

Chlorine has listed the top ten most watched Netflix TV series in 2020. Let’s explore.

10. Love is Blind | Reality | 1 Season

Starting from the very bottom of the list, Nick Lachey’s ”Love is Blind” secures the 10th position. With 30 million views, the TV series was one of the success stories.

Love is Blind is a dating show released on February 13. The series has a total of 10 episodes plus a special. The dating reality show was so successful that it was renewed for a second season.

9. Floor is Lava | Game Show | 1 Season

At a floor up, we find a game show ”Floor is Lava”. Consisting of one season and ten episodes, the series was probably inspired by the game goes with almost the same name ”The Floor is Lava”.

In the show, teams compete jumping from chair to chair, holding on to curtains, and swinging from chandeliers avoiding the lava-flooded floor.

8. Lucifer | Mystery | 5 Seasons

Lucifer ranks eighth on Netflix’s most viewed TV series. A sleek and decidedly modern version of the tempting devil. Released in 2016 and set in Los Angeles, the show is now in its fifth season.

7. Space Force | Comedy | 1 Season

Starring Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, the American TV series ”Space Fore” grabs the 7th position. The story revolves around a four-star general who collaborates with an extravagant scientist to take off the Space Force, a revolutionary US military agency.

6. Never Have I Ever | Teen Drama | 1 Season

The sixth TV series to hit the spot on Netflix is ‘Never Have I Ever’.  The series is a teen comedy that tells the complicated life of Devi, a girl determined to gain popularity. Between misadventures and funny moments, the show guarantees quality entertainment.

5. The Umbrella Academy | Action | 2 Seasons

Securing its seat among Netflix’s  “magic five”, is the American TV series ”The Umbrella Academy”. The series tells the story of a group of brothers and sisters with supernatural powers who, after a long time, are reunited due to the death of their father. While they are reunited, they discover a threat is looming over their head.

4. Ratched | Comedy | 1 Season

On fourth comes the Netflix original TV series based on the hit novel “Ratched”. Directed by Ken Kesey and starring Mildred Ratched. The story revolves around an unsuspected nurse hiding a dark side.

3. Too Hot to Handle | Reality | 1 Season

On the podium, among the most-viewed Netflix TV series in 2020 is ”Too Hot to Handle”. A reality show that has gained further momentum during the lockdown.

The program tells the story of a group of single girls and boys. The guys are put to live in close contact in a villa where they have to avoid giving in to temptation. Up for grab is a cash prize whose amount is deduced every time someone violates the rules.

2. Tiger King | Documentary | 1 Season

Right on the second spot is Chris Smith’s ”Tiger King”. The documentary series has hit over 64 million views. Tiger King takes us into a world of eccentric characters surrounding the owner of a zoo. A true story characterized by loss of control, murder on commission, and big cat farms.

1. Money Heist | Crime | 2 Seasons

Our king of the list is no other than Álex Pina’s Honey Heist (La Casa de Papel). A Spanish masterpiece that has definitely conquered not only Italian but also a huge global audience. With over half a dozen awards in the bag, the series is a must-watch.

Money Heist surrounds a group of different professionals planning to rob a bank. Between strategies, unexpected events, and twists, the series will make you stick long to your seat.


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