Coronavirus Reaches Pentagon, US Suffers Largest Single Day Deaths, More Countries Shutting Down

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The US Department of Defense said Wednesday it has recorded the first coronavirus infection inside the Pentagon, without elaborating on who exactly tested positive. The Pentagon has halted overseas travel of US troops and it’s officials for 60 days.

Trump and Covid-19

After consistently denying the severity of the situation for weeks, President Trump has finally declared a state of emergency in New York, Texas, and Florida.

The US president has been making strange comments about the Covid-19 pandemic, sometimes telling the nation it will disappear like a miracle in a few days. Donald Trump, notoriously known for making statements devoid of facts, is under fire for misleading the nation on Covid-19.

Addressing at the white house on the African American history month, Trump told attendees that a miracle will happen and the virus will disappear.

It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.

While trump waits for some miracle to happen, New York City Mayor Bill de Palacio said that 200 people have died from the Corona epidemic in the city with infections reaching 17,856, making up for 32% of the cases in the United States.

According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, 230 people died in the last 24 hours alone. This brings the number of deaths so far to 942 and infections to 65,778. With these statistics,  America now is the third worst-hit country after China and Italy.

Trump-inspired Bolsonaro gives his verdict

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is a Trump-inspired guy. Whether it be the climate change issue, last year’s deadly amazon fires, or the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In an address to the UN general assembly, Bolsanaro said the amazon “remains pristine and virtually untouched, claiming that Brazil was protecting its forests. However, just a couple of days later, the amazon was almost engulfed by deadly fires.

Bolsonaro also rejected the idea that Amazon was a global heritage.

It is a fallacy to say that the Amazon is a heritage of humankind, and it is a misconception, as scientists claim, to say that our forest is the lungs of the world, Bolsonaro said.

In yet another of his strangest comments, Bolsonaro said locking down cities is a crime. He called those behind locking down Brazil’s cities in the wake of the pandemic ‘criminals’.

He even went a step ahead and declared coronavirus far less dangerous than many other viruses, suggesting no lockdowns were needed to counter the Covid-19.

Other viruses have killed many more people than Corona, yet no closure measures have been taken, what some rulers and mayors have done is a crime, they are destroying Brazil, said Bolsonaro.

By Wednesday, Brazil had 2,433 coronavirus cases with 57 deaths.

The deadly coronavirus rages on around the globe

On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced a $2 billion plan to fund anti-coronavirus efforts in the world’s poorest countries. In an interview with the island, the secretary-General said the announcement by the United Nations is, in fact, an appeal to all nations of the World to join forces to fight back.

Developments around the world

Arabian peninsula

Arab Region: In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior announced the start of a curfew on Thursday in Riyadh, Mecca, and Medina, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 am the following day. Kingdom.

Algeria: 2 new deaths and 38 new injuries were recorded.

Tunisia: Health Minister Abdellatif El-Meki has declared 59 people infected with the epidemic, bringing the number of cases to 173.

Palestine: The government announced the first death recorded in Corona, and the Gaza Ministry of Health said the number of HIV infections rose to nine.

UAE: Ministry of Health has announced 85 new cases registered, the number of cases increased to 333, and 52 cured.

Lebanon: Rafik Hariri Government Hospital announced the death of one person with MERS-CoV; bringing the number of deaths to five.

Egypt: The Ministry of Health has announced 54 new cases of coronavirus (MERS-CoV), bringing the number of cases to 456, one death on Wednesday, raising the number of deaths to 21, while 95 cases have been cured.

Jordan: The Ministry of Health recorded 19 new cases of the epidemic, bringing the total number of infected to 172. Irbid Province (northern) had the highest number of HIV infections in the country, and the authorities decided to isolate the province from the rest of the provinces.

Morocco: The Ministry of Health has announced 55 new cases of the disease, bringing the total number of confirmed cases of HIV in the Kingdom to 255. One death has been recorded for nearly six deaths and seven cases of recovery.

European Region

Italy: 683 new deaths were recorded on Wednesday, raising the total number of deaths from the epidemic to 7,503. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti said European countries are working on setting up a mechanism to cope with the epidemic. European menu today.

Spain: Authorities said that the disease has died in the last 24 hours at 738, bringing the total number of deaths to 3647, Spain became the second in the world after Italy in terms of the number of deaths, and the correspondent of Al Jazeera in Spain stated that Carmen Calvo, First Deputy Prime Minister, was infected with the virus.

Britain: Health authorities announced 28 new coronavirus deaths in the country, raising the total number of deaths in the Kingdom to 465. British Queen Elizabeth II yesterday approved the emergency bill for the response to MERS-CoV, which gives the government exceptional powers.

Germany: The government announced that the results of the second MERCV test conducted on Wednesday for Chancellor Angela Merkel were negative.

Germany is the fifth largest epicenter of the epidemic in the world, with 37.323 cases and 206 deaths to date.

Asian Region

China: The country, the cradle of the epidemic, has registered an increase of 67 new cases, all for overseas travelers, bringing the cases to 81,285, and six deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total to 3287, the National Health Commission said today.

Iran: Authorities announced Wednesday the suspension of entry and exit operations in Tehran as part of measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus. Tehran’s Deputy Governor Mohammad Taqi Zadeh said the ban covers all vehicles except fuel tanks, police vehicles, official service and health.

As of yesterday, Iran has reached 2077 deaths, more than 27,000 injuries, while 9625 have recovered.

Russia: The Coronavirus Control Center announced the death of two elderly people in Moscow, bringing the number of HIV deaths in Russia to three and 658 infections.

Turkey: Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuça stated that deaths from MERS-CoV rose to 59, after 15 new deaths were recorded, and injuries to 2433. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his country would overcome the Corona outbreak in two or three weeks, with good measures while minimizing damage.

Pakistan: The country on Wednesday recorded 79 new infections, bringing the total number to 1,041, most of them returning from religious visits to Iran. The government continued to implement partial closure of major cities in the country and to stop the traffic of trains and domestic and international flights to curb the spread of the virus.


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