Japanese Grandma’s Clear Face Home Remedy

Hi everyone! So today I want to show you guys how you can make a turmeric face mask. I recently posted a picture on Instagram of Steve and me wearing this yellow mask and a lot of  guys who are wondered what it was and how you guys could make it as well and some of the guys thought it was like a Simpsons transformation. But it was actually my turmeric face mask that I use to help make my skin look more radiant and it brightens up my skin. It prevents acne and it also fights acne scars, age spots and sun spots. It also reduces facial hair which is pretty amazing and I also know some people that use it for their dark circles around their eyes. The spice is just really amazing itself because it also helps with health benefits. If you eat it or you drink it with your tea, like back in my country Nepal, we basically use turmeric in everything, all of our curries, so I’ve been very familiar with the spice since I was younger.

I started using this made face mask when I was younger. I believe, after you guys try this turmeric powder. Avoiding too much talking, let me show you guys a simple way of how you can make a turmeric face mask. So let’s get right to the tutorial.

First you’re going to need turmeric, of course because that’s the key ingredient and you guys can buy this in your grocery stores. I usually buy mine from the Indian store. Just make sure it’s pure turmeric that is not processed.

Next one, I’m going to use the rice flour and you guys can buy this in your grocery store as well. In my country we actually use this chickpea flour right here called basan. It might be kind of hard for you guys to find that, so instead of that you guys can always use rice.

Our next ingredient is yogurt. I you have oily skin, you’re going to have to put in yogurt. For all you girls that have dry skin, you’re going to need an oil instead. You can use olive oil coconut oil or almond oil, whatever you have in your house you can use that instead of yogurt.

Last but not the least, we’re going to take the honey just because honey is wonderful to our skin. I’m going to take honey and finally a spoon and a bowl to mix it in.

I’m going to start off by putting two full spoons of turmeric into the bowl and after the turmeric I’m going to take a spoonful of rice flour and this just works as a scrub and also helps bind the mixture. Then I’m going to take two spoons of yogurt and after the yogurt you can squeeze half a spoon of honey. Once that’s done, just mix everything and just make a nice fine paste. Your turmeric paste is ready.

How to use?

Take a clean makeup or any other brush and apply gently all over your face. Let the mask dry, wash off when fully dried. There are couple of things to keep in mind during the application process. The turmeric mask may leave yellow coloration on your skin. The best way to remove the coloration is either by using a makeup remover, that worked best in my case. You can also remove the coloration by soaking a cotton in milk and rubbing off.

If your skin is already good to some extent, apply the mask once a week. If you think you skin demands more than that, you may safely apply the mask 3 times a week. Please don’t expect to get the desired results in just few applications. You will start to see obvious results in a months time. With you best! Cheers! Let me know how did it go for you in the comments.


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