Is It The Time to End Your Marriage? 13 Signs to Look For

While a marriage is always supposed to weld two souls together, it also has the potential to rip life apart. And no matter how sweet a marital relationship is, it comes with serious responsibilities, demands patience, sacrifices, and above all, strong understanding.

If your relationship has reached a point where you don’t taste that sweetness anymore, it’s never late to seriously reconsider it. After all, you are not bound by the law to live an unhappy life.

To understand the extent of damage that has already been made to your relationship, let’s take three hypothetical couples and look into their marital lives.

Couple A: They always try to bridge the gaps, compensate, understand each other, cherish each other’s company, respect each other’s opinion. That’s our happy couple living life at the fullest.

Couple B: Not as happy as the couple A, our couple B is still living a fairly good life. While there are moments of utter disagreement, they show interest to sort things out and bring life back to normal.

Couple C: For our couple C, the ingredient of love has been engulfed by the fire of disrespect and lack of sacrifices. Love, respect, understanding, sacrifice, all seem to be a one way transaction. One of the partners doesn’t show any signs of recovery.

If you are that unfortunate couple C, we would simply say that a separation is not the end of the world. According to the American Woman’s Day magazine, look into these 13 signs to know if your relationship has reached a breaking point.

Your Marriage is Affecting Your Confidence

If your partner constantly underestimates you and does not give value to your thoughts, while you may try to give explains things in the beginning, continued ignoring may lead to devastating effects on your self-esteem. This type of behavior also indicates that your husband is not giving your the priority you deserve.

If you have reached this stage, you may have to reconsider your relationship.

The Only Person Who Cares is You

If you are not getting enough attention in the relationship, and if your partner simply does not want to have a conversation in spite of the fact that you always ask him about his well-being, his work, and want to discuss thing with him, it’s a clear indication that he is not willing to continue with the relationship.

If you try a lot and find that you are stuck in this cycle of unhappiness, then perhaps it is time to withdraw.

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You Always Get The Blame

When your partner makes you feel that everything is your fault, instead of hearing and listening to you, you should know that you will never have a happy life with him.

When the partner does not want to look at himself in the mirror and realizes that marriage is based on mutual consent and resolution of matters, this may be an indication that it is no longer required to continue in the relationship.

You Have Already Started Imagining Your Life Without Him

If you have already started imaging a life without your partner, and feel good about those thoughts, well your relationship is already breaking away. And if your partner is responsible for that, your marital relationship should already be in shatters.

He is No Longer Interested in Fixing Problems

That’s a simple ‘go away’ point. When your partner is not willing to talk and sort out things, your relationship has definitely reached end of the road.

You Don’t Listen to Each Other

Marital Relationship experts say that effective listening is the main pillar of a successful relationship. If the spouses are interested in each other and listen to each other’s problems and try to understand and solve them, there will be no obstacles in the face of marital happiness.

But if you and your partner do not want to listen to each other, this means that your relationship is in real danger, and if you really have tried to overcome this problem, but if you both or one of you really thinks that there is nothing else left to talk about, then perhaps it is time to rethink relationship.

Family problems

One of the most common causes of divorce is the lack of understanding between the couple’s families, and the problems that arise from intertwining with the mother-in-law.

If you both fail to find a good formula for dealing with the family of his partner, this will inevitably cause major cracks in the marriage that may lead to his dissolution in the end.


A woman can overcome many of her husband’s bad deeds if she loves him, but she can never overcome treason.

In some cases, serious problems may arise between the spouses, but reform is always the best option before making a serious decision such as divorce.

But in cases of marital infidelity, withdrawal from the relationship is the best solution, because if you have been betrayed by your husband once, then make sure that you will be subjected to her again, no matter what he apologized and gave justifications and promises.

You are no longer a single team

In a healthy marriage, both partners work as a team in everything from parenthood to household chores to supporting one another in personal aspirations.

But if you start orbiting in completely separate astronomers, or if you are not working together on daily issues, this is a sign of a serious problem.

You’re fighting more than before

If you have been arguing with your husband about the same problems over and over and over at an escalating pace, this is a bad sign.

The inability of you to solve your problems and be satisfied with ruminating each time means that your relationship is going in the wrong direction and needs to be reviewed and directed, especially since large proportions of divorce rates are mostly caused by accumulated problems that the couple could not agree on solutions to.

Intimacy is almost nonexistent

Of course, every marriage experiences periods of drought, but sometimes it is more than that.

If the two partners lose their passion for each other and forever lose the desire for an intimate relationship, then this means that the marriage is on the verge of collapse and requires reform or reconsideration.

Do not meet very often

Excessively arranging obligations and spending more time on the phone is a strong indication that marriage is at risk, especially when this is intentional with one or both spouses.

Of course there is a certain amount of work one has to accomplish, but if this amount increases and increases, and continues to increase, especially at the expense of holidays, this is called ignorance.

When one of the partners does not want to spend any personal time with his partner, his marriage is definitely in trouble.

The onset of signs of contempt

The accumulated problems between the spouses may lead to their displeasure with each other, and if this resentment develops into a kind of contempt or contempt for the other then this means that this marriage must end immediately.

So why would someone want to continue in a house that lacks respect, especially since the lack of respect between spouses will undoubtedly affect their feelings towards each other and their intimate relationship.

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