How to Get Rid of Blotchy and Uneven Skin

Many people deal with uneven skintone myself included. Today I will show you a simple inexpensive lemon facial mask that will help even out your skin. Lemon juice from lemons along with egg whites are really great ingredients in this mask because they help fight blotchy skin tone. But what really makes this great is that this is an inexpensive mask that you don’t have to buy at a department store. It only uses two ingredients, egg whites from an egg and lemon juice.

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So here’s everything you need:

1.Two bowls.
2. A juicer for the lemon juice.
3. One whole lemon.
4. Egg whites from one egg.
5. Some cotton balls and a fork to mix the mixture with.


To get started, I’m just going to cut my lemon in half. I’m going to need to use all the lemon juice from this lemon so I will use my juicer to get the juice out of the lemon a little bit easier than doing it by hand. Now we’ll just pour our lemon juice out into one of our bowls.

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We’re going to need the egg whites from our egg. We’re only going to use the egg whites so you have to be really careful when you crack the egg in half not to get the yolk in your bowl. separating is easiest if you just kind of split it in half and then kind of maneuver the yolk in between the two shells. This will get most of the egg whites out but keep your yolk inside of the egg shell now. I’m just going to put my egg whites mixture into my lemon juice. Using a fork or a whisk if you really want to get fancy, just mix the egg white and lemon juice mixture until it’s really well mixed. That’s all there is to it. We’re just going to put it on. You can do this by hand but I kind of prefer dipping cotton balls into the mixture and using the cotton balls to apply it to my face. It feels really cool and refreshing and it smells lemony which is really nice. I would think this is a really good mask to use in the morning because it really wakes you up.

Once you have applied the mixture to your face, It’s time to wait for 15 minutes. You’re going to notice your skin tightening and getting kind of stiff. That’s a good thing, it’s working magic on your skin so just eat some snacks or play with your dog or watch TV and just wait for the mixture to dry. Give it 15 minutes, once time is up, it’s time to rinse and I’m just going to use a wet washcloth to rinse the mask off of my face.  I’m using warm water here and I’m just going to Pat it on my skin and just rub a little bit to get the mask off. I also like to follow up by using the same washcloth but using cold water at this time. This will close up your pores and make your skin a little bit tighter again and seal in all of the moisture. You once your skin is dried, you may want to use any good moisturizer you want. That’s it, after using a couple of times, you will notice the change.

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