How to Clean & Disinfect Your Shower Head?

Is your showerhead not performing as it should? This is a common problem and the fix is simpler than you might think. Minerals deposited over time in the nozzle can cause the showerhead to perform poorly.

This can cause:

  1. Low water pressure.
  2. Nozzle squirting water in all directions or
  3. Just a couple of bores on one side of the shower head spray water.

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The fix

As I said earlier, this problem can be fixed with almost no effort and without the need to open up the thing itself. This DIY solution not only solves the above-mentioned problems, but it also disinfects the shower head for various types of microorganism.

What you need:

  1. A plastic bag.
  2. Hot water.
  3. White vinegar.

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Combine equal amounts of white vinegar and hot water in the plastic bag. Attack it to your showerhead maybe with a rubber band. Let it sit there overnight. In the morning remove the bag and your showerhead should just work as it used to. Additionally, if you want your showerhead to shine as well, scrub with a brush after removing the attached solution. A quick fix right!

Want to solve the problem forever?

If your shower head was clogged once, the probability is, it will accumulate the mineral deposits again. This has to do with your water quality and the material your shower head is made of. I have seen this happening with my sister. She solved her problem by getting her hands onto this showerhead pictured below. The manufacturer claims that the product has an anti-clog interior. back in my sister’s bathroom, it works good so far. Check the product here.

Did you like these solutions for your showerhead? Or maybe you liked my sister’s hand in the picture😉…just saying! If you liked this DIY fix,,, you may want to share this with others. Otherwise thanks for reading!


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