How to Avoid a Hangover on January1st-3 Steps to Follow

The New Year is coming soon, which means – a feast for the whole night and a broken state on the morning of January 1. The best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink or at least not to overdo it. But, if you still plan to celebrate until the last end of a difficult year, follow these simple rules.

Drink more water

One of the consequences of alcohol is dehydration, which directly affects how you feel in the morning. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, removing more fluid from the body.

Therefore, you must remember to drink more water, and it is better to refuse sugar-containing juices and soda, which accelerates the absorption of alcohol.

Eat first

It is in everyone’s plans to have a good meal and some alcohol for the New Year. But order plays a big role here. It is worth starting a feast with a snack, not a glass of champagne, since alcohol irritates the mucous membrane, especially if you drink on an empty stomach.

If you eat first, you will not get drunk so quickly, and in the morning you may not be nauseous. In this case, it is better to choose foods containing fats and carbohydrates.

Choose light drinks without dissolved gases

The severity of the morning state is influenced not only by the amount drunk but also by what was drunk. Dark alcohol (like whiskey) is thought to contain more toxic compounds and make hangovers even more unbearable. And carbonated drinks get you drunk faster.

Don’t get a hangover

The fact that a can of beer in the morning or a glass of something stronger will save you from a hangover is a myth. It will temporarily feel like you’re feeling better, but later the condition will only get worse.

According to experts, hangover symptoms peak when the blood alcohol concentration returns to zero. In addition, the habit of hanging over is a warning sign that may indicate alcoholism.


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