Stop Hair Loss With a Cup of Coffee, Grow Thick & Healthy Hair

Waking up and brewing a cup of coffee for a quick energy boost, awesome right! Aha, what about the staggering number of hair laying dead on your bed? Coffee again? Yes, coffee is there again,  this time however to salvage your hair.  So, how about applying the remaining cup of coffee to your dying hair? Hold on, yes it’s the same coffee, but brewed in a different way.

Major causes of hair loss

There are several factors that can contribute to hair loss. Below are ome of the major ones that commonly affect both men and women.

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: Genetic and most common.
  • Age: Generally affects people over the age of 50.
  • Environmental factors: Smoke, dust, and radiation.
  • Nutritional: Deficiency of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Stress/trauma: Hair generally regrows with relief.
  • Medical conditions/medications, treatments, and supplements.
  • Hair treatments: Some invasive hair treatments may also result in hair fall.

Will this home remedy work for you?

The best answer is, try and see for yourself_ after all, it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that would otherwise do more damage than good. If you are facing severe and rapid hair loss, please consult a medical professional. Additionally, if you are over the age of 50, you may look for other available treatments. Thanks to the revolutionary developments in medical sciences, you are all covered and a solution to save your beauty is out there no matter what.

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How does coffee help stop hair loss?

Caffeine is a great hair stimulant. Not only does it help stop hair fall, but it also stimulates new hair growth. Caffeine, when applied to the scalp, penetrates down into the dermis, restructures the hair follicles, dermal papillae and hair roots. Caffeine is a DHT inhibitor_a hormone that primarily kickstarts hair fall. DHT does this by miniaturizing the hair follicles to a point where the hair loses its grip and falls off.

coffee for hair growth

Coffee-essential oil home remedy for hair loss

This is a simple two-ingredient home remedy that can be prepared through two methods. Hot fusion method_An instant one and Cold fusion method_one that would require some time.


  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup of ground organic coffee beans.
  • 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil OR Sunflower oil OR Coconut oil.

Instructions: Hot fusion

  1. Take a cooking pot and add your favorite oil.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of the coffee bean powder.
  3. Put on low heat with stirring every few minutes until the solution becomes dark and glossy. This should take 20-30 minutes.
  4. Strain with a piece of cheesecloth and store in a bottle.

Instructions: cold fusion

  1. Combine 3/4 cup of the coffee bean powder and your favorite oil in a jar. Because you don’t want the mixture to solidify, choose a liquid oil instead of the solid fat coconut oil.
  2. Close the jar and shake well to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Place the jar in a cool environment for up to 4 weeks. Don’t forget to shake every few days to ensure maximum caffeine extraction.
  4. 4-3-2-1-0..go! Strain the solution.

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How to apply?

When you go for a hair wash, stream the mixture through your hair. Massage your scalp to ensure the mixture is properly and thoroughly applied to it. Let it sit for like 5 minutes while you come back to Chlorine and share the following image:). Do this treatment once or twice a week. Wish you gorgeous hair!


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