The Ultimate Chicken Biryani Recipe | Step-by-step With Photos & Video

Did you ever eat this yummy Indian/Pakistani dish? If not, you are missing out too much. Whether you are invited on a dinner, attending a friend’s wedding or just happened to be in a random religious/cultural event_you will smell its fragrance. That’s the king of all dishes in the Subcontinent, the amazing biryani!

While the staggering number of ingredients may overwhelm you, all that effort will certainly pay off once it’s on your dining table.

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If you are outside the Subcontinent and away from major cities in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, chances are, you may find it difficult to grab one key ingredient from a nearby store. In fact, I am talking about Biryani Masala (Translation: Biryani Mix Spice). But no worries! You can buy it on Amazon. Trying biryani without Biryani Masala..hmm not going to be biryani!

How to make biryani

Biryani masala is the key ingredient. It gives the dish it’s special mouthwatering fragrance and taste. It’s a mix of tens of spices taken in special proportions. Some popular names in this regards are Shan and National.

Enough talking right! Let’s start making the dish..

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Aaaand finally, while it’s hard to share biryani with everyone in the community, it’s easier to share it on Pinterest:

The Ultimate Chicken Biryani Recipe



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